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  1. Do you think the Greedy Pull change is sufficient?


    Eh, they're great and all, but I really don't think they're going to fix anything. After all, before there was greedy Mag, there was EV Trin. Once these changes roll out, people will just go back to Trinity, Limbo and Energy restores and continue with their endless Draco/Viver/Xini farming.


    What I'd really like to see from is a change that made Greedy Pull pull Ammo, Health and Energy Orbs for Mag only. No more pulling Orbs for the rest of the team. This way, Mag can collect Resources and Mods for her squad without contributing to the turret style gameplay that's become so prevalent these days.


    How do you feel about the upcoming Frost changes?


    His 2 and 3 are looking really good.

    I'm not too excited about the Armor reduction on his 4 because most teams running missions against Grineer or Corrupted, where you really need Armor reduction, just use 4x Corrosive Projection. What Avalanche really needs is a guaranteed freeze proc on anything hit by it that doesn't die. Maybe 10 seconds regardless of rank? That would make Avalanche a decent CC power and a good panic button for when Snowglobe isn't enough.


    PvPers, do you think movement is too fast in Conclave?


    I've been playing Conclave quite a bit lately, and in most matches, the movement speed is pretty good.

    It's when I get into matches with other hardcore PvPers that the current movement system becomes waaay too fast with people coptering/wallflinging from one end of the map to the other in 2-3 seconds. This is especially bad in Capture the Cephalon where a match can be won in under a minute, with no kills obtained from either side.


    PvPers, are you excited for Parkour 2.0 in Conclave?


    I for one am excited for the new changes. They look like they'll give me a better, albeit slower, way to control my movement and momentum.


    If you’re not a PvPer, do you think the Parkour 2.0 changes will make you want to play Conclave?


    Maybe. Two of the main issues a lot of people I know have with Conclave is both the insane movement speed and how many players spend an entire match doing literally nothing but Coptering from one base to another in Capture the Cephalon. 


    Would you like more Corrupted Mods?


    Yes, I would like more Corrupted Mods ONLY IF there were more interesting ways to obtain them than by just grinding

    Derelict Exterminate over and over for hours at a time to get the Mod I want.

  2. Firing certain weapons while using Hall of Mirrors can cause extreme performance loss and in some cases a crash. I was just in a match with someone using Hall of Mirrors with Wyrm Prime and the Mutalist Quanta. Every time they'd started firing, my frame rate would drop below 10 fps until they stopped. About 10 seconds of sustained fire from this person eventually caused me and another player to crash.

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