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  1. Well, I'm still wondering what they actually mean by "enemies affected by Chaos cannot be stunned by additional casts." Basically mean they won't add stack timer on additional cast, OR enemies that are already stunned before cannot be stun again? If it's the latter then oh sh*t.
  2. dude, you totally disregarded my other arguments. Like I stated "Trying my best to sound like some of the people here", what part of the "some" don't ye get? And believe it or not, if you read the entire thread at all, the "some" might as well be a "most". It's a complete sarcasm to my reply toward the other guy and limbo.
  3. But he is able to be invincible! That's all it matter. As long as he is invincible, he is op. (trying my best to sound like some of the people here) anyway, back to topic. Who's need orb when his ability regain energy? He can recast it again, oh, make sure to add natural talent to limbo, he is an easy frame to mod. As long as he doesn't allow them to be in rift, they can't/ <--are you serious with this argument? Do you even play limbo bro? With that said, I'm totally fine with limbo, just wish DE make his ability work more on himself rather than the team because his troll mode is too great.
  4. Still, he is immortal regardless (and apparently, that is what these nerfers use as their main argument- I am simply adding more fuel to the fire). Whoever said anything about his damage? But on a 1 vs 1, Limbo will always win. He can just take his time and killing enemy one by one. Whoever need his 2nd ability at early stage anyway? He will only need to use it when game get very hard to stay alive. Same with valkyr. See that similarity?
  5. *watch and eat popcorn* Ahem* did people forgot that limbo, in a way, capable of remain immortal while constantly replenish his energy? But is he op? Nope. Is he viable for team-play? Tell that to pugs.
  6. Nyx's change is the happiest moment of my time while playing this game. I'm not even exaggerated since she was so pathetic in contrast to irradiating disarm. This buff is that frame's savior. So (I'm not one to say this unless someone really deserves it) thank you DE.
  7. DE = a better troll than limbo. Seriously? A worst lobster tail than her non-prime version!?? Nope. Nope. Nope/ y u do dis to me. My wallet and body were BOTH ready. Until this. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
  8. While I am happy with most of the change here, but really...mag's pull (her only crowd control ability)? Of all the frames to be picked on. While pull is already bad enough, I guess you wanna make greedy pull officially into a waste of a slot just like most of the other augments out there. The initial nerf on greedy pull already made it into a waste of slot though.
  9. Who's a better tank than current valkyr with higher damage and no immortality? That's right, it's chroma. So is that like saying as long as there's no immortality, it should be fine?
  10. how about an event that have no limit on scoring? So basically one individual player can get 1345, another get 1242, then 1673 etc all varies without anyone capable of getting the same score (it possible, but hard) . So basically if an individual is good at this specific event, they will earn higher score. Skill base. All events so far, the top score always have the same scoring: 1. 2356 2. 2356 3. 2356 4. 2356 5. 2355 6. 2355 etc.... basically no cap score on an event. Ofc the event must be pretty hard. I think the little game about "zephyr flap" can help you think about my idea. As for scoring, it will base on clan's average score of anyone who participate in the event. Those that didn't participate with score of 0 won't count into clan's average. This way even if a clan create multiple alt account, if their alt account got less score than their top score, it will only hurt clan's scoring.
  11. technically, I mean 4 different people in a clan doing all the scoring while the rest of clan members didn't make any effort to do it. I used the wrong word choices. Also they removed the alt accounts, mean it doesn't matter if the moon clan use alt accounts or not, it all get delete. (not just moon clan, other smaller clans as well)
  12. technically, this actually helped eliminate many random alts that uses merely for event times. So member's contribution in clan is needed. Not one person doing all the work. Recruit more clan members do take effort. This is a fair decision. If people got too much life and decide to hop on other comp for different IP and etc, then there ya go, they kinda deserve that It's quite ironic in the beginning, some posts said the event suck because of people making alts acc. Then Megan fix the alts account problem, and now people still complained.
  13. ahem*, Loki, Vauban, Trinity, Mag (for corpus only), Nekros (you can't finish a mission with no oxygen why don't cha, and that's farming ability, the most profit frame), Nyx,
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