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  1. Broken Warframe Abilities Passive: Forever Evolving Description: The Broken Warframe collects parts from fallen enemies to enhance this frame’s power. The parts will have a random chance of dropping (some enemies may drop all the parts and some may not drop any at all) and is not affected by loot augments (unless that seems fun to DE). Part drop chance is doubled when an enemy is killed by this frame or is killed with its abilities. Types of Parts: Armor, Shield, Gun, Melee, and Ability parts. What the Parts Do Armor (instant): 3 armor per part, stacks up to 100. Shield (instant): 4 shield per part, stacks up to 100. (Make sure that it does not take advantage of shield gatting by making the part it picks up as empty but it adds on to the max amount) Gun (ability activated): Does nothing when picked up. 0.2% multishot, status, critical chance per part, stacks up to 100. Melee (ability activated): Does nothing when picked up. 0.2% attack speed, status, and critical chance per part, stacks up to 100. Ability (ability interaction): Does nothing when picked up, stacks up to 5. Improves an ability when fully stacked by holding down the ability you wish to augment. Drop Chances for Parts Armor and Shield: 33% Weapon and Melee: 25% Warframe: 5% Ability 1: Corrupting Void Description: Shooting an enemy with your own void energy to slowly corrupt them from the inside. Once fully corrupted, their bodies will glow and be more susceptible to damage and the void energy will seek enemies around them and repeat the process. Improving this ability with parts will increase the vulnerability and decrease the time for them to be fully corrupted. (As for how many times you can augment/improve this ability or any ability, it would either be a set amount like 5 or an unlimited amount of improvements to combat the always stronger enemies. I would love for this warframe to sort of always be broken and incomplete but always trying to feel complete.) Ability 2: Amalgamation Description: You wrap your enemies in void energy, (those tendrils) killing them while under this effect will absorb a part of them into yourself, trying to understand their weaponry and armor. The amount of enemies absorbed will slowly increase your damage resistance. And also based on how many enemies you have absorbed, once cast again, the enemies that are affected will have their resistances nullified and the tendrils will deliver periodic damage that they are weak to. Improving this ability with parts will decrease the amount of enemies it will take to get up to 90% damage reduction and to nullify the enemies resistances, while also increasing the damage of the tendrils. Ability 3: Void Link Description: You link your void energy into your arsenal,(does not consume the parts on activation) increasing its effectiveness based on the parts you have collected. This buff will only multiply (the multiplier is not affected by power strength) the effect on you because it's your energy and your parts you have collected. (So for instance, normally if you had 100 weapon parts, activating this buff would give you 20% multishot/status/critical chance. But on yourself it will multiply by 2x so it would be 40% to all) Improving this ability with parts will allow you to target allies in range and give them the normal boost, while also increasing the multiplier onto yourself. I was thinking of giving the allies a reduction in the multiplier but I will leave that up to DE. Ability 4: Assimilation Description: You absorb all of your armor, shield, weapon, and melee parts. Allowing you to gain their results permanently and being able to re-stack the parts. When activated, it gives you a damaging aura that pulses out every second due to the result of your new condensed form (Different parts will give this aura different effects while also). Armor parts will give this aura corrosive damage, shield parts will give this aura magnetic damage, weapon parts will give this viral damage, and melee parts will give this slash damage. (It's very important to note that this pulse will not just be one pulse and take the combined total of these damages, it will be 4 different pulses at the same time, dealing each of their damage individually so it can proc all the above status) Side Note: can only be activated when you have 50 parts of each, having 50 parts will make the damage 50% while 100 parts will make the damage 100%, and having a mix will take the average of each and set the damage to the average) Improving this ability with parts will increase the range and duration of this ability, while also increasing the damage of the ticks. End note: I leave all of the balancing to DE, I just wanted to put the fun stuff in so we can imagine this while they do all the heavy lifting if this gets through. But thank you for reading this, I appreciate it.
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