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  1. Towards the quoted: As a fan of Railjack, I'd also love as part of this idea to have Invasions be multi-staged. Namely going in on RJ to weaken whatever side opposite of your selection's leading into it essentially being in a shutdown state, which you then board into a standard (but for me remastered akin to Corpus ship remastering) Invasion style mission to either sabotage the ship's core or to take down a commander of said ship. Then afterwards leaving back to RJ to leave the mission area for the next run. ----------------- To the general/OP's topic: Endgame is as far as I'm concer
  2. Warframe has always been presented as a "play how you want" w/ understanding that the core of the game would be leaned towards co-op; it was never presented as co-op only. If it were I wouldn't have been playing it for the years I have as I'm a solo-only (in every game I play not just WF, a few of which are fellow "online" types). I don't particularly enjoy teaming up with other people, however I do enjoy the story & aesthetic of WF; hence my playing the game. Also in my own experience RJ is definitely not "easier" for solo, just to get started took a certain amount of luck in getting
  3. Yeah, I'd rather not touch "difficult games" with a ten foot pole; instead rather staying in everything else. Mostly because I'd rather not have to literally fight the game itself as a player to succeed, like most of those types do. Nioh is currently collecting dust on my ps4 because my patience with its b.s. ran out and I haven't touched it since. I play games to take in their story and enjoy the experience, not for bragging rights/ego boosting. While I didn't come straight to Warframe from it, I did follow MGS all the way to the end of Kojima's line (not bothering with anything after th
  4. While most of what you said in the OP was already eye-rolling for me, this particular aspect stands out cause I've been playing this game since 2013. Back when the frames (Excal in my case) popped out of a cryo pod to be greeted by Vor, had 5 revives before mission failed, and almost caused me to drop the game because of how aggravatingly difficult the starting part was as an intro to the game. So I have both the time invested to comment towards any concept of "old warframe" as well as an issue with something you bring up in a different post about difficulty in the game. This isn't nor should
  5. I can legitimately say that I play for fun and to take in the universe/aesthetics. I enjoy Railjack (now that Command intrisic is a thing allowing an AI crew), especially the in-and-out of some missions as well as basically all the various modes. I have a ton of things left to do cause I have absolutely no rush in getting through everything and instead realize that there should be pacing. Though I also came up in regards to online gaming with several Korean & 1 Japanese mmorpg's that taught me well about how to approach online games.
  6. While there's interesting points brought up and ideas that can help future concepts: I stand by what I've said in the past when seeing the myth/illusion called "endgame" brought up. That its just that, a myth/illusion that for an amount of time detoured the game in chasing after it; instead of expanding the world. Whatever "endgame" is come up with within a week or two will be obsolete and will end up being talked down about. Because that's how that entire thing goes. Meanwhile in the name of chasing that solo'ers and anyone below mid-tier gets thrown to the wolves, so that others get to boost
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