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  1. how many months do we going to wait for a solution? the dye still not working.
  2. already got the necramech that was missing, thanks.
  3. sorry i can't answer before, use the email you use to login in xbox, the one you use to login in xbox app and Microsoft.com
  4. i know what was the problem, i need to verify the email im using for Microsoft Xbox otherwise I'll never get the message with the verify link.
  5. everytime i want to complete the achieve "complete 6 contracts in 60 min" the game log me out and the progress disappear, my rewards and everything gone, this is garbage, why don't you fix all the bugs first instead adding more bug content, you laughing of me with this, all the time i expend wasted, i don't like to post anything on the forums but this is annoying, contract people who really care about the game, and fix the bugs, for good!
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