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  1. That is not true, I am banned in every single in-game chat and cannot even use the /inv feature.
  2. Will probably stop using in game chat altogether apart from trades and group searchs.
  3. So I won't get an answer until after I'll no longer need an answer?
  4. Can I at least invite someone in a party like this?
  5. Hello, little introduction. I've been playing this game on PS4 since last month, and I am a homosexual. Today, someone asked in chat to repeat the more colloquial term for the sexual orientation, the non offensive one which starts with G and has 3 letters, which I am not gonna repeat, because it resulted in a ban from all in game chats. I would like to inquire about the lenght of the ban. I have already sent a ticket about this, but I am a pretty impatient person and haven't found any answer around. Thanks in advance for the answers.
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