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  1. Everyone including you does get the bless. Now there's VISUAL BUG when u bestow blessing. all blessed player need to leave the relay for the blessing buff to be displayed. Previously, there's special glow for MR30 player whom bestow the blessing. And those blessed, gets prompt to press F, to say thank you. Hopefully DE will fix this.
  2. This bug also happens to me, here's my vid of showing the bug.
  3. So, when MR30 bestow blessing to player at relays, usually there's visual indicator to everyone and press 'F' will be displayed to them. And there's special glow of the one whom bestow the blessing. Now, it's Bugged, and non existent, not showing ANY visual indicator, including in BOOST list on Right-Top of screen. Only after player leave the relay will the Blessing Boost status be updated. Here's proof of the vid showing there's no special glow : & Here's the vid that shows how exactly BLESSING should perform :
  4. Me too, i've tested with 5 elements nukor, but condition overload seems not affecting the damage on thrown glaives
  5. Need to know this too. I also have tested with 5 element nukor, but damage from thrown and explosions from the glaives have no effect with Condition Overload. only with Prime Pressure Point
  6. I need to know this too, whether DE intentionally disable condition overload effects on the thrown explosive glaives or not.
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