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  1. I think DE true to dumb down the game for players who haven't learned how to play well yet and too get new butts in the seats instead of honing their game and letting it grow with the veterans.
  2. Been going on so long I've forgotten the story line.
  3. That glassmaker is gonna die of old age before this thing wraps up. Im on, like rank 72 of this thing now and that is casually working it after I got the last umbra forms, and I'm so over it. Here I am doing whatever, getting attacked by the stalker and all of a suddenly "hold up, dreamer". Sigh..stab stab stab stab. Clear all that junk and then for the next five minutes she's still talking about how "there must be some way to stop them". No, no there's not, Nora...because obviously Nora won't wrap this thing up in under half a year.
  4. With the new math of it, I generally don't use PP and CO in the same configuration. Given other options to use the mod slot, I can always find something that works better than the pair.
  5. I agree, in the current state. I will take it a step further and say that the fact that it is ONLY these type of powers that people gravitate towards says something about the true issue- there are just a LOT of worthless space junk weapons and Warframe abilities floating out there that leave very few options when given the opportunity to beef things up. In other words, if my Nyx or Nova were already a solid frame with no obvious dog abilities and weakspits in their kit, then I wouldn't need to go looking for something better. Some frames like Saryn, harrow, etc,etc, kind of have very compli
  6. I never infused MFD because I knew it would be nerfed. It's the same ole, same ole with DE. They create interest which fuels their numbers and their income and then take it away. You'd think we would learn and vote it down by not playing. But we don't. The bottom line on this is they don't test their stuff before they turn it loose and it seems to be by design (insert your own conspiracy theory here). If a handful of content creators can consistently break anything they release in less than a week every single time something comes out, it illustrates that, either by design or utte
  7. Your enever going to please everyone. Personally, I used to bring Inaros to ESO because either was new, learning, etc, and I had a few people basically tell me I was no benefit to the team and would quit. So, there's a case of people who don't work with you nor care about "we will all do better together". So...I use a super high range, high strength volt in ESO (cause Saryns are always around) and I use a speed Nova on Hydron. The thing about speed Nova on Hydron is NOBODY ever seems to complain about that arrangement, ever.
  8. Lull w/endless lullaby on Inaros just so I can call him Mr.Sandman. it's fun. Breach surge on Volt (previously had Roar on him). The surge is a lot more fun and thematic. Warcry on Wukong because...well, it just seems like it was meant to be like a Reese's cups. I tried Rest & Rage on a few things and it just didn't hit like I though it would even with the augment. (I try to put abilities that allow me to play the ability with an augment and within the mod setup of the Warframe.)
  9. You probably have good points in that but...dude...paragraph break??? That's tough to mentally chew all running together. It reads like a gf response when you text "what's the matter?"
  10. I'm not outright disappointed as the OP but I agree, it's a huge letdown. The problem is not in the world itself. Had it been the first one we got, we would love it. The problem is it's the same old, same old with different lipstick and color. I mean, are we going to someday have 12 of these things spread across the starchart with all kinds of fishing rods in our "Arsenal's"? It's a good concept done too often. It is time for new. For those saying "but the weapons" are good. We don't need an entire world developed to give us a few weapons. Create a new mini-quest with a
  11. Beam me up Scotty mod-(equipped in Warframe Aura slot only) Upon completion of mission, tenno is automatically teleported to extraction point. Prevents miles and miles of useless wear and tear on warframes after they defeat bosses that are always 6000m away from where you are dropped off and 800m away from where you get picked up.
  12. This is why we can't have nice things. Loose lips sink ships, Tenno.
  13. The first rule of Subsume club is we don't talk about Subsume club because DE will take it away. So...I'm not telling but I can say I have only seen one person anywhere say they did the same thing I did and I like it very much.
  14. Doppelganger mode. subsumed EDItion Your crew enters an arena where your enemies are suped up versions of yourselves ( whatever frames your group brings to the party). You must eliminate a large number of these frames in a time setting. Lose the fight and your Warframe loses one of your abilities for so many days. Win the fight and you earn the right to subsume An ability from the frame you defeated.
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