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  1. So, when the Sly Vulpaphyla uses her ability to give you evasion - you get that "aura" that shows you get the evasion bonus. But - it causes this transparent "jelly" to appear, making it impossible to aim, and when you zoom in - it heavily drops framerates. Plus you don't see Sly Vulpaphyla's evasion buff in status bar - nor how long it gonna last.
  2. Dunno why, but if you play sometime on necramech and decide to return to your warframe - your warframe just dissapears. You run around as your operator until you die, can't summon other necramech too. Necramech are still broken, don't summon them in valuts or other important missions.
  3. Nintendo takes their sweet time to cert this small update with fixes alright. Also - you cannot swap polarities on Vulpahyla. It says something about "you cannot do this right now" and dosen't do anything. Sad.
  4. Man, waiting updates on Switch feels like you're that one not-so-clever child in the classroom. And I gotta say - I don't like bein' that one not-so-clever child who dosen't get what others get in time. This brings up a question - what if there are will be some game-breaking bugs on PC/other consoles with new update? Will Switch update be pushed even farther away so to fix the newly-discovered bugs? And if there will be some balance changes too, like resource pircing of some stuff and etc? Woo-wee!
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