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  1. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Railjack turrets/front turret/pilot seat "pulls" you back in whenever you try to leave them EXPECTED RESULT: Exiting the turret/front turret/pilot seat without going back in OBSERVED RESULT: After pressing the button to exit the seat - Warframe stands still for a split-second and then as if player immediately pressed the button to go back into seat REPRODUCTION RATE: absolute random. This problem is still from back from the times when Railjack was presented - and still not fixed. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: can't progress t
  2. Also - same goes for the Interception: it needs more corrupted enemies spawned. Just forgot about because let's be real - it's even worse than survival on void fissure missions.
  3. Devs make new maps, completely forgetting about pathfinding for the enemies - who in result make the game completely broken, or even can make players fail because of it. -Demolisher Machinist (the corpus humanoid demolyst) just runs up to conduit and.....stands near it, not exploding. Thus he can just force a "win" on you, making your reward tier C instad of tier B, for example. Usually it happens on Lua. So - you have to run up to him, aggro him some and hope there's enough time left he would explode. -Demolisher Bursa can just gets lost somewhere far away, forcing a "win" on conduit as
  4. Can you claim it after you watched the stream? Some of the streams in my timezone happen pretty late, so sometimes I and my friends have to leave it for the night.
  5. Cremata syandana dosen't combine energy colours, uses only the left one between two. Don't know if it's Switch-only bug or is it across all platforms.
  6. Console tenno here, after playing Lavos fo some time. As first post said - combining gets really annoying over the time. Lavos should have the added element until he adds another one. Like, if he adds COLD - it should add COLD on all his abilities UNTIL he adds another element, for example TOXIN to make it VIRAL. And then all his abilities would add VIRAL until player holds the button to add another element - then VIRAL would dissapear and it's place would take another element. 3rd ability needs to fly in the direction of crosshair. Right now it flies horizontally whenever player looks
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