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  1. *Disabled Temporal AA when in docked mode Nice, the blur in my eyes was starting to sting abit too much. Thank you.
  2. Vermisplicer's alternative fire dosen't work at all. Also - warframe's abilities don't work or very rarely work on enemy Necramechs, making them completely unfun to battle now. How about after they make slide attack - they would get stunned for few seconds so players could get some shots at them? It's kinda hard to get the right shots on console since mech's move swiftly around and always keep their eyes on you + there's alot of stairs and platforms where they jump on and off + infested also attack you + you get A LOT of damage if you didn't get any of the TANKY frames + sometimes Necramech
  3. My dudes and dudettes - these things (Braton Vandal, Excal prime pack) is all mastery fodder garbage by today. Chill out. You just really wanna feel "special" about having those few things that not 98% of playerbase has. I would understand if those things would be something powerful and gamebreaking, but.....crying over braton vandal, excalibur prime, skana prime and lato prime? Really?
  4. Agree on that. There's just enough space on top of mini-map to place something like "59min 59 sec until sunrise\sunset."
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