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  1. ZephyrPhantom

    Hotfix 19.0.6+

    How does one view Riven Disposition?
  2. ZephyrPhantom

    What Underrated Weapon Do You Use Often?

    AkVasto. I don't seem much mention of them, Aklex, or AkMagnus these days.
  3. ZephyrPhantom

    Petition To De To Make Clem's Clone Reusable

    +1, this guy was by far the best companion I've ever had.
  4. ZephyrPhantom

    Update 17.3.0

    Hell yes! EDIT: Redtext:
  5. ZephyrPhantom

    What To Expect With 15.2.1

    Wonderful! It's good to see DE recognizes the problem wasn't the frames, but Viver and the overall Syndicate rep system! Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing how the new rep system works.
  6. ZephyrPhantom

    Vivergate: Vent Radioactive Gas Y/n

    While I understand people shouldn't just be mindlessly mashing 4, this buisness about messing with frames is just silly in my opinion - it's been established from the start that the core problem here is the reputation costs and how players adjusted to gain it as quickly as possible, a natural cause-and-effect reaction. I'm glad Viver and co. are getting reworked and reviewed, but the frames should've been left alone to begin with - abilities that didn't rely on LoS was never a real issue until now, and it probably still won't be as long as the core problems are addressed. I feel it would be best if Mag, Excal, and Trinity were put back to the way they were before this whole Viver mess started, and focus on simply nerfing Viver itself. Is decreasing enemy spawns that hard?
  7. ZephyrPhantom

    Update 14: The Mad Cephalon

  8. ZephyrPhantom

    New Contest: Warframe Doppelganger!

  9. ZephyrPhantom

    Fan Concepts Index

    Many tend to see the Tenno Spectres as the greatest enemy they will ever face. This frame, however, sees them as a potentially deadly ally : Alexandre
  10. ZephyrPhantom

    4/14/2014: Connectivity Issues

    Launcher still isn't working for me here. I don't think it's fixed for everyone just yet.
  11. ZephyrPhantom

    Hotfix 13.0.5

    Fix the spawn camping Void/Dark Sector enemies too, please? :)
  12. ZephyrPhantom

    Coming Soon: Devstream #26

    For the sake of the more agitated fans out there, would you be so kind as to explain what caused Update 13 to be delayed? I know something great is brewing in the works, but a detailed statement on what had happened would calm down many players out there.
  13. ZephyrPhantom

    New: Honoring The System Screenshot Contest!

    Mission control, we have liftoff!