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    Index BUG

    Last 3 times I been in index just for credits not worried if we lose 1 or 2 points to the corpus side, I go to continue and 100% of the time HOST migration then stuck on screen showing score board. Can hear map start up again but no movement and can not take control.. End up having to alt + f4, ps this is not a new bug had it like a year ago as well.
  2. confirmed done the pipe organ lua ascension on 2 different maps neither time did it complete nightwave Edit found a 2nd lua ascension room on the same session and had to do that to complete the nightwave progression, not sure if nightwave only flags 1 of the 2 rooms as completion but seems a big progression bug to me.
  3. I too have both a 2.5 day old version and a .5 day old version of mow them down and had assumed the 2 were somehow conflicting the most kills in a mission I get is 60 before it then resets to 0. I even checked on the exit and it said i had 7 /150 on both stepped forward onto the exit and back in the orbiter it showed 0/150 again.
  4. Oh bug giving you too many items not saying if script removes the items made from the extra items. The bug does not affect me as I achived only 3 parts of the main quest line and got no rep yesterday.
  5. Scott covered this in a devstream with Steve like 13 - 17 months ago there is a reason and by queuing 1 after the other you can bypass the feeling of the need to rush. If you are like at work or something you can during your break use the warframe app to start the next one, but clearly not exactly what you want.
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