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  1. As main Valkyr I quite like OP idea which allow her use her exalt weapon since skill1 specialize after I just get my hand on Hildryn. but I still miss Ripline (since I didn't like using operator dash that much) If I could change skill 1 I would be like. [Talon Assault] - Valkyr can use her claw attack enemies while also steal their health, Aiming while using this abilities allow Valkyr to pull herself toward enemies or target with Ripline.
  2. Consider DE allow us.. - build own gun and melee. - build own pets. - build own moa. - transfer abilities. I'll not surprise if they will allow us build own Mod and even entire Frame in the future, XD
  3. She barely have reason to spend energy rater than Warcry [which irony other frame can use it now] and Hysteria some time I don't know why should I invest ability strength on her at all sine she didn't have any meaningful direct attack power like other frame. Let's her use up all energy she can get it back in no time with rage mod.
  4. Even I'm main Valkyr but I never like the idea of abilities that simply give me "immortal" I rarely use Hysteria other than refill my HP and away hope she can have more options to attack enemies other than spam melee with Warcry. IMO Instead of rework abilities completely it would better if we can enhance them when Hysteria is active. [Yeah let's make her Hysteria Super Saiyan] Ripline can pull multiple enemies while no longer cost energy. [truly even normal Rip-line should not cost energy] Warcry effect to all player in party. [I mean anywhere in map]. Paralysis dam
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