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  1. Just wanted to say I love the changes. Damage feels like it is in the right spot now. Feels like there is no single "right way" to mod Protea so far. Feels like there is room to experiment and try new things. While there are a lot of comments on her 4, I think there is a place for it... somewhere. I think it will take time before the community figures out a way to truly utilize such a unique ability.
  2. Would be nice if the 4 had the AoE explosion on both ends. Explosion draws enemies in, but I'm not near them unless I ran in circles. What if, while rewinding, Protea recast all her abilities? Or just reset the duration? What if the duration on her abilities didn't count down AT ALL during her 4? That might be TOO crazy.
  3. Good idea. Or have the Bonus Damage Duration Scale with Ability Duration, like a combo meter. If you keep casting Guns, the combo keeps going and the damage multiplier stays at a higher number. Or, Turrets do Slash and Heat Procs when target is in Shrapnel Grenade. Or, Bonus Damage number never goes down during Temporal Anchor.
  4. Recent buff makes them very good weapons. Compared to Venka Prime (claws) Garuda Talons has less crit chance, but very high status chance.
  5. I think it would be funny if her Turrets scaled from the mods on your Sentinel Gun 😛 I think Protea Works as is... Maybe give the turrets a few extra seconds. Like, they have a set amount of ammo, The extra time just means they don't loose shots if there is no target for half a second.
  6. Her claws show up when you have no melee Equip. They cost zero energy, they just act as regular melee weapons.
  7. Somewhat related: It would be nice If all my mods stayed in place when I used a Forma. If there is not enough capacity, The mods would then be activated in order of Top Right to left and then bottom right to left as the weapon levels up. Thsi would make it easier to level weapons in long endless missions, as your mods and damage would gradually rise as you gain XP.
  8. They could add some synergy with Fire Walker and Spears, but nothing really needs to be changed at the moment.
  9. My focus here will be suggestions that require the lest amount of effort to change. Very small tweaks to improve flow of the early days of a New Player. I feel the 2 main issues for a new player are 1. not understanding what to do 2. the huge time gap between first log-in to second frame. The current material requirements for Warframes require access the Tier 1 section of the Void, after Ceres. So, you have to plow through 6 planets to make the Rhino frame you got on Venus. I remember way back after having a friend help me kill Jackal 23 times (no joke) to get the blueprints, my first though was "I can make this now, right?" No, you need that same friend to taxi you to several other levels to to mats, or wait till you have done like 40% of the star chart. It is also worth mentioning the Void as a concept is not explained until much later. Solution: Change the crafting Requirements of early frames to ONLY include materials from the same planet the blueprints drop. (Rhino, Frost, Ember, Excalibur, Mag at least) As for the problem of not knowing what to do: Maybe the creation of a Player's first new Warframe should be met with a little more pomp and circumstance. A quest (and by quest I mean something small scale - just some Ordis dialogue and missions that give you the nurodes and plastids you need) that walks you through the process of finding blueprints, gathering materials, and building.
  10. Garuda: Increase VFX of Dread Heart Explosion Blood Forge is an Exilus Mod, and Creates ammo like the name suggests. (maybe it also buffs status chance briefly) Wukong: Defy Augment - Vacuums enemies in during cast, knocks prone when hit (instead of rag-dolling) Also, applies a debuff to affected enemies that makes Iron Staff deal bonus damage.
  11. I had Idea for this I'll share here: Problem: Defy does near Zero damage to enemies around Lv100. Also, it rag-dolls the enemies who are hit. He is already good at not dying, so that part of the ability is also useless. Problem: With Melee 3.0 Iron Staff is no longer special (was essentially a preview when reworked) and now normal melee weapons can out preform without draining energy. Solution: Augment for defy. 1. Pulls enemies in rather than pushing them away. 2. Applies a debuff that causes Iron Staff to deal Double Damage to those enemies. (or however much is needed to actually kill stuff. maybe bonus damage scales with power strength, but Iron Staff base damage already scales with Power.) 1. Creates synergy between his abilities. 2. Gives his Exalted Weapon a unique trait that makes it feel special. 3. Allows both abilities to do the damage needed to be relevant in Higher Levels.
  12. Immolation Augment: When Heat Gauge is MAX - Fireball costs zero Energy. (also, Fire Blast, Maybe) The drain isn't that bad when it first starts, but escalates. However, if Fireball was Free to Spam during that time, it would feel like MAX Meter is GIVING you something rather than taking it away. Her Damage Reduction constantly oscillating from 50-90% and the Feeling of the Energy Drain are less than Ideal. You are supposed to manage the meter, but Drain will eventually Max out no matter how many times you Fire Blast. It feels like you are doing something wrong when it happens. (because you should just toggle on/off) This Period of Max meter is when she is at her most powerful, and the correct thing to do is... turn it off. I think having the constant drain could actually FEEL like a positive, if you could spam Fireball (and maybe Fire Blast to dump meter).
  13. So the Bramma Feels better than Ever. I can point Black shoot enemies so the falloff doesn't matter, and Frames can just be immune to Stagger from mods or abilities. The Stagger, then, doesn't really detour you from spamming explosions carelessly. Weapons that gained stagger like the Astilla, Tombfinger, and Kuva Charrkur - They had such a small radius adding falloff destroys the very nature of what they do. Astilla's Damage WAS the radial blast. These weapons weren't the Problem.
  14. Volcano EXPLOSION Frame He makes Big BOOMS As you play him he build up to a big ERUPTION
  15. while useing Bramma and Wukong, my jump button was disabled. happend many times, would sometimes resolve on it's own.
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