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  1. Hello I am writing here as I wish to address the issue I've personally come across in regards to the new Zambuka Ayatan Sculpute. In Devstream #132 your Place holder price was 25 Vitus, and the name was "Kar Ayatan" (Zambuka sounds much livelier, thank you for changing it). My one question is: Why have you doubled the price? I would have been okay if the price had an increase of 5-10 Vitus, but increasing it up to 50? Why? I was excited to hear that a new Ayatan was going to be available for that price, only to be disappointed by this massive change in price. The Endo value isn't even worth that much sitting at 450 Endo unfilled, and 2600 Endo once full of stars. But why would you trade it to Maroo once it's filled after you've spent so much on it? Other Ayatans such as the Orta and Anasa are much easier to come by and have 2,700 and 3,450 Endo values (Once filled) respectively. As someone who works split shifts (anywhere from 8-11 hour days) I find this a rather impossible task as I simply do not have the time to spend grinding out Vitus to buy 1 of these (admittedly beautiful) Ayatans. Even with the 2 hours I have after work, I cannot bring myself to sit down and muster the last of my energy to grind out this much Vitus for such a measly reward. As a suggestion, either increase the Endo value of these beauties to something more worth the price, or lower the Vitus cost back down to around the 25 mark. I personally would prefer the latter, as I don't trade my Ayatans in for Endo. I like how they look sitting in my ship fully animated, and I would like a small stash of these since they look fantastic. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  2. Operating in MY sector, friend?! Time to pay the idiot tax. Looks like I've just taxed first place! (But for how long..?)
  3. To those whom it may concern... I'm a long term Warframe player on both PS4 and PC. I've played for years along side some of my friends as we all enjoyed playing together, whether it was being serious about a mission or just downright being stupid, we all enjoyed our time together in this game. However, through the more recent updates, I've started to hear my friends all complain more and more about specific things. I thought they were all just being the big babies they were and ignored it. Until I bothered to try out the things they were complaining about. And oh how they were right. I am posting this in "Off topic" as I'm just voicing my friend's complaints along with my own. This is not meant as an "attack" to anyone what-so-ever, but more as an open discussion. I sincerely apologize in advance to those who might take offence to anything I have written in this post. It is not my intention to offend you. ------------------------------------------- Conservation: It's good, it's fun, but ONLY when it works. - 70% of the time Tranq shots don't connect, even when right next to the animal when you're on a slight hill or increase in whatever you're standing on. - Uncommon animals are mythical. Almost unheard of. The pheromone lures actually work to bring out rare animals, and not using them brings out common. But no uncommon. I personally spent 1h30m hunting down an Alpine Monitor Sawgaw WITHOUT pheromones and 60% of my animals were the rare Frogmouthed Sawgaw. Not funny when I only need 1 tag. - POE is too small for conservation. Without a stealth frame, enemies are on you like you stole their life savings. Just kill them? Sure...Oh, a beacon. More enemies. Kill those? Dargyns. It really starts to grate on your nerves when this happens nearly every single time. - Poop is easy to find, however in POE I cannot for the life of me, find the tracks of the animal. I can see 1 or 2 footprints right by the poop, but after that they vanish. No glow, no imprints, nothing. At least I can still see the tracks in Orb V even with that hideous snow glare after exiting a cave. Kuva Lich: Good idea, but it's more painful than fun. - I understand that this system is still being worked on, but why release it when you know there are going to be holes in it? I'd prefer to wait for my content to be completely sound with a few minor errors than this classic "I'm going to rush this out before it's done" dev mindset. Please don't take after EA with this. You've done 7 hot-fixes within the 7 days of it being released. That says a lot. - 50 murmurs for 1 requiem mod. This is just bad. I understand that you want to make sure players don't rush through things and then complain about the "Content drought", but why 50? You've changed it to make Lich attempts count towards it, but the grind is still too much. I don't have the time to sit down for hours to uncover 1 or 2 mods like I used to a few months back. - Lich personalities are recycled. 1 female personality, 1 male. That's cool, but when you've heard the same lines over and over and over again from your 3rd or 4th Lich onwards...It really gets old fast. Maybe add some more personalities to the mix so it doesn't become overly stale too fast. - Requiem mod have 3 charges, but why? Why do I only get 3 kills/converts from a mod before it goes "bye bye" and I need a new one? Why not 5 charges? This would limit the constant grind for those who burn though their liches and make the mods more worth while (if you don't agree with me on this, I'm interested to hear your opinion). Again, I know it's limiting the "content drought" complaints, but still, Time -> Into game + Little reward = Many people not happy. - Why don't your converted Liches stay to fight along side you for longer? 2 minutes or so of "help" and "*yawn* Sorry, Tenno. I'm all warmed up now so I think I'm just gonna head out. Cya!". Just...Why? They show up, lag out the game, do absolutely nothing except maybe draw fire from the closest enemy and then leave. Why? By the way, this Kuva Lich update isn't ''Challenging''. I can burn through lvl 100+ enemies anyday. Arbitrations are the new "endgame" for those looking for more "rewarding" gameplay. - Arbitrations aren't that rewarding for all the time you put into them. ESPECIALLY when the rewards from the Arbiters guy are so heckin' expensive. 50 Vitus for a single ayatan? What happened to your place holder price of 25? I would have been satisfied with an increase of 5-10 vitus, but double the price? Not worth my time to put in for 1 measly reward. Sure, you've made getting Vitus more accessible by making the drones have a chance to drop them and adding into rotation rewards, but 1 possible drop from drones and 3 possible from rotations? No thanks. Not worth my time. - This game mode isn't hard. Have you seen how easily a group consisting of a Buff Chroma, Oberon, Speed Nova and Mesa can cheese though any arbi survival and defense mission? Clearly not..."oh no, 1 life and that's it!" Hmm. Yes, that was tragic, wasn't it? It was a good idea until that mechanic got removed thanks to certain players bombarding DE with complains about how "unfair" it was. - The rewards from rotations are (to be frank) lame. Ayatan? Get those from Maroo once a week and whenever I bother to nuke the some map tilesets with Limbo. Vitus? Um...okay, sure. New arcanes? These new arcanes aren't that great compared to ones you get from Eidolons and the Quills. Maybe Arcane Tanker is okay, but why waste a slot when I can have R3 Energize and R3 Guardian on instead? Melee changes: where they really needed? - Sometimes you don't have to change things. Melee was perfectly fine with some slight issue here and there, so why change it? Crit from Maiming strike and Sacrificial steel is non-existent now. You've killed my builds along with everyone else's melee builds with this "Improvement". - Combos were not that hard to pull off in the first place. Why the hell did you think that changing how combos work would make it any easier. Oh, now I have to incorporate my M2 button to achieve the combo I want. Oh, I have to move forward while holding down M2 and hitting E to get another combo. Like WTF? You've made combos even harder to pull off now. It's melee. I shouldn't have to think about what I'm doing and how much effort I'm putting into the combo to just simply and mindlessly blitz though enemies. Melee was a backup for me. If an enemy was too close or didn't die from my Primary, I'd follow up with a few hits. Now I personally want nothing to do with melee. ------------------------------------------- I now completely understand my friends frustrations with this game now, and I now understand why it's so hard to encourage them back online for a bit of fun. There's more that I'd personally like to include, but I'll leave them out as this has already gotten long enough. If you (yes, you!) have a different opinion or view point to some of these issues I've put down, then please, feel free to tell me what you think too. I'm just one player speaking for my friends, other players are bound to have something to say on these topics (agree or disagree) as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  4. Sorry, should've specified this earlier. I have a resource booster active to cut down the time spent grinding, so I've only ever bought 5 of the bait/lure for each animal as they seem to get me what I need within 3-4. I haven't used a bait/lure for the Mergoo after I used them all up (I used them before my 3 hour unsuccessful hunt.) During that period I just called the animal to the location, activated prowl and waited. Every time I got the basic Coastal Mergoo with the exception of one random rare popping in.
  5. Hey all, I just recently spent my day running conservation in both Orb V and POE to get the floofs I admittedly never bothered with before now. After stocking up on the things I needed I headed out and began hunting. It wasn't too long before I encountered a reoccurring issue. - I can never, in all my time doing this, EVER seem to find the uncommon animals at all. - I had no problems in either open world getting endless amounts of common animals, and loads of rare ones with the pheromone lure thing. But hardly ever the uncommon ones? I'm 1 tag away from my last POE floof (Woodland Mergoo) and 1-3 tags off of every uncommon animal in Orb V. Can anyone give me some tips or advice? I've spent the last 3 hours alone shuttle running between the Mergoo spots in POE in hopes to find anything but the common and rare variants. I understand that this game is largely based around RNG, but this is atrocious for a cute little (mini-game?) mechanic. - A tired Tenno patiently waiting for some guidance
  6. Alrighty, I take back what I said earlier: True: I do indeed like the idea of the Kuva Lich system. HOWEVER this system has some major flaws in it that were clearly not tested by you guys at DE. While you may have "tested" this system with your hacks and Dev powers, you (most likely) haven't tested it by playing it the way us players have to playing it without hacks and cheats. For us, there is no easy way to kill or convert out Lich without grinding painfully through level after level just to collect 50 murmurs to reveal 1 needed mod. 50 murmurs?! Is this a joke to you? 150 murmurs in total to get all the mods revealed. This is absolute bs. I now agree with everyone else complaining about the RNG layers and the grind of this system. My first Lich was fantastic. I converted him bc I grew too attached to him by the time his inevitable demise came around. However, my second Lich is where my "honeymoon" faze began to wear off. She was impersonal, and my god I wanted her dead ASAP. 8 hours later I finally got all the mods I needed. My 3rd Lich is where I have now stopped playing. Too much grind, too much effort and focus, too little reward, and it's not special anymore. Repeating voice lines? Sure, that only works for a little while then it just seems like you're not putting in effort anymore. I don't want to rant and make this super long, but seriously DE? 50 murmurs for 1 mod? Make it 15-20 for each mod, or add in a way that reveals it without us committing suicide to our Lich. Kuva Siphon and Flood are the only way to get the new relics? Well, that's gotten old pretty fast, hasn't it? Make it a Rot B and C drop in Kuva Survival and Defence as well. Give us more options. The melee changes? What needed to be changed? Combos are now more difficult to perform, and why have you made finishers bind to the interact key? I used to be able to sneak up on enemies and just hit the melee key once to do a finisher. Now I'm just ignoring finishers all together. I'm not moving my hand to hit another key for that. My last point, in Devstream #132 I saw the new Ayatan that was coming out. As someone with an Ayatan obsession, I was excited to add more to my collection. Your place holder of 25 Vitus was acceptable. I was willing to grind up Vitus to buy some in bulk...Only to find that when the update released that you upped it to 50 Vitus for 1 Ayatan? Hmmm...I'm starting to see a pattern here... I'm not touching those Ayatans at that price. Too much time going in for such little reward. I will no longer take part in this game until some things have been fixed. I simply do not have the time to put in anymore. Such a shame, really. This was once such a beautiful game. To those who still enjoy the game; That's fantastic! I'm proud that you can sit through this sh*thole update and still enjoy this game ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Hello! I personally really like the Kuva Lich System. My first Lich set the standards pretty high in regards to personality and mission difficulty. One thing that I've noticed with my second Lich however, is the Requiem Murmur mechanic. After the first encounter with my second Lich, I was able to get it down to it's 3rd health bar by pure luck. I was pretty stoked about this, and I was honestly hoping that the Profile menu would show the once unknown requiem circles with the requiems I successfully discovered. However, they still remained in the ''unknown'' state. I brushed it off and I continued to run the Lich sector missions. I completed a full circle of the first requiem murmur, only to discover that the requiem mod I discovered was...The first mod I'd already been using. Just a suggestion, but maybe include the discovered requiem mod requirements into the menu once they've been chanced upon by players without the Requiem murmur, and instead of revealing the first mod by the murmur (if they've already discovered it works), maybe reveal the 2nd or 3rd mod (if they've gotten that far by luck). I feel it would save a lot of time grinding the Murmur only to discover what you already knew. Just a suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. When you look at Sun Wukong's Mythology it says that he was born from stone, not made from stone. The 'volcanic' background of the skin makes sense to some degree, however he isn't made of stone... He was trapped under a mountain for 500 years by Buddha, but still not made from or turned into stone. Apologies to all those out there that like this skin. I for one, do not like it, and will therefore not use it. Even with fashion frame suggestions, I still dislike it how it looks. Perhaps my opinion will change in the future...Who knows?
  9. I use Adobe Premiere Pro for editing and an Elgato HD60 pro for recording. I think it's just a thing with PC captures being really quite, or way too loud. My recordings either come out with little to no sound, or it's way too loud without editing. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Your video is a small step to becoming better at the next ones to come. "Practice makes perfect", so even if you don't like the end product, you're still learning and improving from it. ๐Ÿ˜‰(and sometimes it takes someone else's eyes to pick up some mistakes) I run my videos by a friend before I release them. He's a great help with picking up things I missed or something that need improvement. All the best with your future capturas! I'll be watching out for them, and if you ever need someone to fill some space in a scene you know who to contact ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Hi! I only just got my Wukong P today after many, MANY long runs of Lith W1. I WAS super excited to use his deluxe skin as I bought it when it came out thinking it would be fantastic....only to select it and have all my excitement sucked from me when I saw how it ACTUALLY looked. It's absolutely disgusting. I greatly dislike this skin as it doesn't really capture what Wukong is about, and on top of that, it seems like it was only made for cosplay and ''dress ups''. I feel I have wasted 225p on this cosmetic bundle. DE really should have waited and worked on this skin more rather than doing a half-assed job and rushing it out. It COULD have been great...But it's not. I will not be using this skin for anything. It's going right to the back of my inventory to collect dust. Anyone who has any fashion frame suggestions for this skin or a different opinion, feel free to comment. I still have a small amount of hope for this skin...
  11. It's good as far as a first try goes honestly. A little slow leading out into the "Origins" screen and when fading out. Maybe next time make the fade out a bit faster, and maybe add some louder music too. I can hear the faint default captura music in there. I can't really fault anything else with it. It's simple, effective and the blue energy really makes things pop. Keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is my first captura based video. You can take a look at it if you wish, however I am definitely not an expert on this, so take it with a grain of salt! ๐Ÿ˜‚ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL1AtEabGoE&list=PLplEvrOAknJv3KYHgYEbk3tOIw3fal4ZQ
  12. I LOVE this game so much. Never has any other game held my attention like this since Pokemon D/P/P. The endless customization choices that include colour palettes, armor sets, syandanas, alt helmets, ephemeras and unique skins for frames and weapons. Unlimited potential with mod set ups. Blew my mind when I came across my first Riven. 41 beautifully designed Warframes (66 if you want to include both Vanilla and Prime). Everyone has a Frame to suit their style. Beautiful scenery and graphics that make every tile set pop. You can pick your play style: Speed through missions like every one is a race or take your sweet time exploring every nook and cranny of maps for loot and hidden rooms. The choice between Solo, Friends only, Invite only and Public. If you want to play alone, you can! If you want to play with others, you totally can! Ayatans. Oh, Ayatans... Hello, my new beautiful obsession. (My Precious....) Hidden Kuria in almost every tile. I've never enjoyed such an infuriating treasure hunt as much as this one before. TennoGen items. DE actually INCLUDES people's designs for skins and alt helms in each TennoGen Round. That's hell cool! And those who buy the skins support the creators with their purchase! Ah, The Grind. Can't forget the grind. While some areas are way too tedious and wear my patience thin, others excite me and reward my hard work and time spent with unique rewards. Captura is my best friend. I love how we can collect scenes and take pictures of our Warframes without potentially squandering a mission or being blown to smithereens. Conclave has AMAZING sigils. I personally love the unique sigils from Conclave, and while it's not the best game mode, I still enjoy a random game of Ceph Cap once now and again. The chat mechanics work wonders if you're stuck on a boss or want to team up to get something. Just type it into Recruiting and someone who's interested will PM you. You can EARN Plat in game without spending a cent if you desire. Prime Parts, Rare mods, Ship parts, hell even Fish! You can sell them to get you some free Plat on the side if you're patient. Pets? Did someone say: ''Pets''? Yes! You can have a Kubrow or a Kavat to bring into battle of just keep you company in your ship. (I shall name him ''Fluffy'' and he shall be my fluffy) You have a choice between 15 different mission types. You have your favorite, your friend has their favorite, everyone has a different favorite mission type! Oh and the difficulty. Almost forgot that! If you're bored of missions not being challenging enough, you can run endless missions well into level 200+ territory. Ooorrr~ you can run lower level missions if you just want to explore around without any pressure. I could go on and on about why I love this game, but you probably have your own opinion of it too. Some people might agree with me, while others may not and that's cool. I just thought I'd share my view on this game. ๐Ÿ™‚ May RNG go with you, Tenno.
  13. I've heard a lot about this infamous ''Fail Timer'' in missions. I normally play solo so I can scout out any Ayatans or Rare containers in the tile, but no matter how slow I run the mission I personally have never come across this timer. It sounds overly harsh to kick players out of a mission and force them to drop all their precious loot. And how bizarre that you fail like you've died even when you've successfully completed your mission objective.
  14. Everyone keeps saying "Just do the NW challenges, duh". I've gone through to Rank 36 with these challenges and I honestly never want to touch Nightwave again. It's a chore to get 15 creds to by 5 Nitain. My clan has sucked it out of me, and I don't have any left over for weapons. It's a grind I no longer want a part in. God Forbid DE takes Vauban Prime out of the vault anytime soon with this NW Nitain crud going on. I agree with the idea of having both NW and Alerts. Leave out stuff that we need like Weapon bps, Nitain, Aura Mods and maybe Potatoes from the NW store and have them as commonly occurring alerts. And I mean COMMONLY. This would free us space in the NW store for other NW related things like the Wolf Beacons, Alt Hemls, and other trinkets. And if DE doesn't agree with us and bring back alerts, then PLEASE lower the damn cost of NW store items. I don't want to grind for 5 levels after Rank 30 to buy a damn potato, and I'd rather keep my plat for slots, thanks. But the beauty of this is that everyone has their opinion on this. Some like NW, others don't and that's cool. ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. Thanks for the update and hotfix! Just wanted to bring to your attention that the Sigils dropped from bosses seem to be doubling up now. I have 2 stalker and Jackal Sigils in my Regalia tab. If you could fix this it would be fantastic! Edit: Just noticed you can sell extra ones from bosses, but not from stalker. It's more of an annoyance than an improvement as the sigil options in appearance now seems crowded and unkempt than streamlined and organized. Please put it back to how it was. https://imgur.com/tMceYcd
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