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  1. TYPE: Trading DESCRIPTION: New Trading Policy pop up for first time traders (generally and first time after the update) continues to pop up for every single trade. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Enter a trade with someone multiple different times (Trading different things, or just starting up a blank trade) Attempt to encounter this pop up with more than one account. EXPECTED RESULT: Encounter this pop up message just once, like described in the update post. OBSERVED RESULT: Forced to wait 15 seconds every trade before actually being able to trade. REPRODUCTION RATE: Encountered this with the 12-15 trades that I did over the period of 3 hours.
  2. Hi there! I've only just recently started to get back into trading, and I've noticed that I always have to accept the Trading Policy every single time I enter a trade with anyone. This never popped up when I traded before now... This is starting to become a problem, as I have to wait 15 seconds before I can hit "Accept" and start trading. This slows down the trading time for the other person (which I really don't want for them, trading should be quick) and it's starting to grate on my nerves. Has anyone else come across this? If so, how have you gotten rid of it? For me, hitting accept doesn't seem to register the fact that I have in fact accepted the conditions, and it pops up again and again with each new trade I do. EDIT: After playing around with my game settings, nothing seems to have helped. EDIT 2: Just asked a friend about this, and he has no idea what this is and why I'm getting it every time.
  3. No, I haven't ever thought to use Amesha in this fight. Heck, I didn't even know you could slow enemies with the 3rd ability. I'll give that a shot next time I try. I'll grab myself Tigris P since it's unvaulted at the moment and I'll give that a try. Having a Primary that easily takes out the vents would be much easier than waiting for the Arch-Gun animation to play through. As for the Tombfinger I'll get one building ASAP. Thanks for the advice! 😄
  4. Personally, my favorite way to rank up really fast with MR is a bit of a drag for others: - I go into my profile and check what weapons I haven't mastered yet. - I then make a list of all those weapons. - I go to the market, dojo or Baro (depends of what he has) and I then pick up the blueprints or actual weapon. - I put a tick next to the weapons I have the blueprints for, and cross out the ones I start building. - After I've accumulated a nice stash of weapons, I claim them and run either endless relics, or Hydron to level them up. - Once leveled, and I'm not going to use it again, I then sell it and free up space for the next weapon to level. This is just how I rank up quickly. I highly suggest that if you do this method, you invest a weekend into leveling you gear and buy an Exp booster. It really makes a difference.I also highly suggest you use Trinity (if you have her) since she can rank weapons up much faster than other frames. EDIT: I've done this method and Ranked up to MR 25+ on both PS4 and PC within the span of 4 months.
  5. There's not any particular node that will spawn the tile you're after any faster per se. I came across the 13-3 tile by accident when I was roaming around for orokin cells. I'm still missing 2 Kuria because the tiles they're in just won't spawn for me. I think by memory I found it when I was running a capture or sabotage mission. I ran into the tile and went "wait is this the tile I need?" and jumped around until I found my Kuria. Just as a heads up though, I found Ayatan Sculptures more times than I did this particular tile. If you'd like some help finding 13-3, I'd be more than happy to run some Ceres missions with you until you find it. If you do add me, all I ask is that you leave a note in relation to this so I know to accept it. 🙂 Best of luck EDIT: forgot to leave my tag; It's Keogu_
  6. Hello! I've just recently come back to the game after a nice long break and I decided that I wanted to actually invest my time into getting the Ephemeras from the Exploiter Orb. I've run it with a group and done it in about 12 ish minutes, and solo in 20, but I've spent all day farming her and nothing has dropped... I know DE upped the drop rate of the Ephemeras up to 10%, but even still this is ridiculous! So far I've been running Nezah for his Warding Halo, Rubico P for those Coolant raknoids, the Catchmoon Kitgun (only thing I found useful against her after ripping off a vent) and Orthos P for the smaller green spiders (forgot their name). I've also used the Cyngas to pop her vents faster in the first stage. As a rough number I've done around 60+ runs of her today (thanks to my massive store of Diluted Thermia). To those of you who have of or even both (RNG has blessed you), what are some things you found helpful for farming her? I'd really appreciate some advice on weapons and frames you've used and roughly how many runs it took you to get an Ephemera drop out of her. EDIT: Please don't suggest Nova. I really struggled to use her against Exploiter and I was using my Vazarin's Healing Dash as a crutch more than I was actually progressing. I know some people can use her for this, but I'd prefer not to from personal experience and play style.
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