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  1. Like say the cane could be sylized in a way that the head of the cane could be a cataclysm. Then running down the neck of the cane could be to energy waves of the cataclysm. Finally the blade could be slim and decorated with an inscription of the lotus symbol
  2. So my thought was (since im not good at 3d design) what if u artists of warframe make a nikana skin that looks like a sword cane to match limbo or his prime version then whoever can make a holster style to go with it, like instead of holding at his side he runs, swinging it with his arms and when sitting still he places it on the ground then someone can make a fight stance for the sword cane nikana
  3. Ideas upon how to make limbo a proper gent. (Designing outfits and weapons for limbos esthetics)
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