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  1. I was repeating this quest line for somachords just recently. I wasn't able to get any somachords from the 1st mission. I even tried aborting the mission and retrying. And no somachords in 1st mission. The same behavior occurred on other missions as well; no somachords, but i did find cephalon fragments. I don't remember exactly how many times I played those missions, but I did quest line 4-6 times and individual missions were aborted and replayed almost 10 times per quest line, until in the 4th mission I found 1st somachord apparently in random location. After that no somachords in the rest of the quest line, but in the new quest line the rest somachords were exactly where they should be. For me it looks like getting 1st fragment is bugged; It does not appear where it should be, or there is way too low roll chance for it to appear. If you are lucky/persistent enough you can find it in random cephalon location throughout the rest of the quest line.
  2. That is hilarious: Transference out and MOA attempts transference in with the closest console. 😂
  3. I haven't detected (exactly) your bug. But I have detected similar case where MOA companion pathfinding freezes them: MOA with Security Override mod gets stuck in Gas City tileset when attempting to open door into room that have hacking console inside. MoA stays there totally zombie until player enters secret room and hacks door open manually. This could be pathfinding related bug that is just very visible with this hacking recept. I sometimes have seen MOA stuttering when attempting to get closer hacking console in the Gas City spy missions. And it easily stutter as well when it don't have direct view to nearby enemies.
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