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  1. this wednesday i tried to play some warframe, my game was loading and it closed and a tab showed up saying that Warframe Crashed, i need help, i do not know what to do i already contacted warframe support and i did everything that they sent me in the e-mail, even with the update it seems not to work and they still send me the same e-mal that says i need to send them 3 LOG archives, i would appreciate some help, excuse me for the bad english
  2. they actually reply my the same e-mail, it says that i need to send 3 archives, i did it but they still say me that i need to send those archives
  3. i need some help, yesterday i tried to play some warframe but my game crashed since the last update, i tried to contact warframe support but they send me the same e-mail, i fixed all the possible errors that might affect the correct execution of the game, idk what to do
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