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  1. The point of blessings is to HELP newcomers. That's why I like this idea. Make us better at helping others. Why give us a legendary core which many of us do not need and is one use when they could give us a way to help others more?
  2. Just had another thought. At milestone Legendary Ranks, instead of getting a bonus to time or strength, we unlock new blessings. L10: Unlock Mod Drop Chance Blessing L20: Unlock Resource Blessing
  3. This issue is still present and has yet to be addressed or even acknowledged.
  4. AoE weapons exist. No... what guns need is more modding capabilities (melee needs no more than 2 forma at most whole guns often require 7). Guns need the ability to be swapped seamlessly like melee. Guns do need damage reworking. That is obvious. Guns need reload reduction across the board. Melee has no reload and can hit multiple targets but you put yourself into the fray. That's its trade off. Guns and melee should never be the same. They should have differences. Guns need stance mods (or an equivalent) for extra mod cap. Heck, giving every gun a baseline punch through would help. At least I could hit multiple people that way on any gun. It would require aiming, but DE has shown they wanna reward precision play with guns based on the galvanized scope release. You gotta remember that no matter what they do, there will always be a pretty noticeable side of the community that will still use melee. Why? Because they find it fun.
  5. He has it. You are correct. They hotfixed it in.
  6. Just a heads up, we still can't link Oull on Playstation nor the Matisse Color Palette.
  7. They literally put holokey there to make storms relevant after sevagoth and his stuff. In doing so, they once again created the issue that was there to begin with: eventually people won't have a reason to run it.
  8. Love this idea. Put this is the feedback megathread and explain why how it is now is not good.
  9. It'd be something you'd always have a use for if you don't have an obscene amount with only one use of 10 per week. Literally... give palladino other things for slivers. XD
  10. A fix for reactant drops should also be addressed. Especially on the new tilesets (remasters), there is a distinct lack of reactants on endless missions (survival/defense). Notable as well is the ratio of reactant drops in exterminate vs that of capture, sabotage, mobile defense, etc. Some touching up to make the fissure experience feel more fluid would be excellent.
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