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  1. 90% of the time when I try to invite players, they fail to join due to host being unreachable. I often try closing the session and opening a new one by going to navigation and backing out or by swapping to solo then public. I even try restarting my game. It simply doesn't work. This has been happening for weeks. It happens a bunch when inviting from recruitment chat but it happens when I try to invite for a trade too. I'm simply not "compatible" with most players. When will this be fixed?
  2. In Index, the Wukong Specter still can't pick up Index Points. He won't even go for points. If he walks over them, the points will literally slide around him rather than be picked up. Mag Specter still makes all specters leap when hit with polarize as well. These happen 100% of the time. It happens with any size squad. It's been a problem for years.
  3. And it's acceptable solo players have to do this roundabout way rather than pets just earn a percent of any affinity you gain without leeching it off you?
  4. Happy Pre-Birthday. Hope it's a good one. Pet Affinity is a major problem for solo players.
  5. You have deep seated aggression toward high rank players. Whatever has happened to you to make you feel that way, I'm sorry it happened. I feel the need to tell you most high ranked people are not high and mighty and they do help people. I know it's easy to end up viewing it that way because negativity outshines positivity, but it just isn't the case.
  6. Reducing leveling time is reducing the time you put into playing the game. Are you going you say that I, as an MR30, am not playing less because I don't have to spend the time to re-rank my Nidus Prime 5 times?
  7. This wouldn't work. That would mean an MR30 would be able to forma as much as they want with no farm time to re-rank. That would reduce play time.
  8. What about health, energy, or other stat bonuses you get per rank? Will those be given based on mastery after forma or will you gain those as you rank the frame again?
  9. Someone who has critical thinking! Huzzah!
  10. Incorrect. Carrier Prime came with Ash Prime alongside Vectis Prime.
  11. I'm not sure what you're saying here. Are you saying that if higher ranks have better blesses then lower blesses become obseletw? If that is what you're saying then I'll say this: 1) The vast majority of people who are already using blessings to help others are the ones who would WANT TO put in the time to get a higher rank if it meant their helping would be more impactful. They'd have the highest blessing. 2) For the small few who DO bless people to help and don't rank up, that's OK. Their lower blessing isn't made obsolete because a blessing is a blessing. People are constantly looking for blessings. They can still help others with what they have. Just because a blessing is less effective than what it could be doesn't mean the blessing is obsolete. I'm proposing small bonuses per rank. A 2 rank different would mean a 5% difference in blessing. Lastly, the way I see it is that the reward for putting in the effort of MR30 is the ability to help others in a new way. Those who decide to do more ranks should be given something worthwhile. It's a double whammy if that something happens to help others as well.
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