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  1. So I know this isn't true. One of my allies bugged the timer so I got put into the on foot part. He was still outside in a crewship. Not only did the enemies in said crewship stay active and act normal, but the enemy ships were also still active and normal. He was then able to exit the ship and enter the on foot section. This proves that it's not an AI issue as everything outside was still working.
  2. Tbh, I think they all should get neat things. As you can see, the difference in health is quite marginal. If any shine beyond the others, due to the marginality, that one will be the new meta (which we want to avoid).
  3. So with the new Plating system for Railjack, I've noticed a huge issue: There's innately a "best" Plating. In contrast, while there is statistically a best engine, the engines get an extra effect which makes the debate of which is best a bit opinionated. When it comes to the Plating, however, it's purely statistical. What that means is that without the added effects, there is a best one no matter what. I feel there should be an incentive to play with the different platings, but as of now, there just isn't. Making them all have the same effective health would also be pointless (and sorta imposs
  4. So are you saying that the world outside, the enemies, and the enemies in said crewships aren't loaded once the on foot sections begins? What exactly are you implying is the limitation here?
  5. For some reason, I can't use join warp under certain circumstances like I used to be able to. Sometimes I can't use it when in archwing. Sometimes I can't use it even trying to teleport an ally waiting in an airlock to enter the ground part of rj missions. Please investigate this. A suggestion: Allow join warp to work while inside the ground portion of rj missions. This would mean people could more easily traverse the area. At the same time, making railjack recall instantly teleport you back to the rj once the objective is complete would be awesome. The need to run to extraction seems pu
  6. I know it's been this way for a long time, but why is region not visible in dojos? It's visible in relays. Why not dojos? Similar to the guy suggesting dojos get a foundry, I suggest we make the dojo have more things to make it so you can do everything from your dojo. That includes socialize, build stuff, return from missions in a reasonable amount of time, etc.
  7. This would work. Also maybe allow join warping while inside. Dunno why that doesn't work other than "reasons". Another option is just make the maps smaller. Running 600 extra meters is one of the big turn offs in base missions already.
  8. With the addition of the new enojos, I and many many many people are quite disappointed with the new emotes. Understandably, you can't appease everyone, but you can help ease the disdain by giving us an option to see the older version of emotes. If there are new emotes that don't have an older variant then obviously those wouldn't have the legacy option, but an option for the prior ones would be great. Heck... if you wanted to, an option to choose between the new and old per emoji with both versions would be awesome!!! Some of the mew versions do look neater.
  9. So updating their code wouldn't help reduce the future issues of mass bugs?
  10. Perhaps I should be better with my words. They need to update their base coding bc THAT is outdated. Their foundation of the game is built on jello. It's why a change in railjack touches code that somehow affects your gear wheel or something else unrelated entirely. It's all jumbled. It'd require time, but the resulting game would be smoother and less buggy.
  11. Then it sounds like it's time for them to buckle down and upgrade their engine. They've been putting it off for 5 years.
  12. Then how come the Grineer missions (which had on foot portions) didn't have this issue. Grineer missions even had sabotage and extermination missions. You can teleport in any way no matter where you are. They literally degenerated in progress from the old content.
  13. The vortex effect that appears on the screen in void Storm is absolutely horrible. It literally hurts my eyes. While it could be an issue due to my visions impairments, an option to turn it off would be great. The only way to REDUCE it is by turning down effects intensity, but the issue is that effects are needed at times in the game (like fishing). Please just give us an option to turn off certain effects all together. My eyes and brain would thank you.
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