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  1. Apologies. I was confused because they did do a fix for Necramech Xp on ps4, but it wasn't the on-death fix. This is where it is addressed. This means that we will get that fix with Deimos Arcana, so don't worry much longer. I figured they'd release mods requiring less Polarity than exist now as to add a means of forcing the player to be very selective with mods. That would make the original choice intentional. I had forgotten that they're giving the Necramech the paracesis treatment. Each Forma in the Necramech will increase its Max rank up by 2 up to 40. Also happening wit
  2. They did. The fact that you are unaware of this kinda crumbles your whole post because if you're not keeping up with patch notes, then a) you don't know WHAT has been fixed so you can't inform them of what needs fixing and b) you really can't complain about specifics like the mech and be taken seriously because you're uninformed. The 12 mod thing isn't even a bug-It's intentional. For the record, you may have still gotten the stuff. They do have SOME contingencies in place. Honestly, you should give a video clip or play by play of what happened, because this excavation snafu just sounds weird.
  3. They don't keep logs of plat transactions. They really should tho. Even if they did, you'd have to submit a support ticket for help.
  4. Go edit your orbiter. The option is there.
  5. Incorrect. The cooldown is currently 23 hours. Unlike with a fixed time like daily login timer, with the 23hr timer, you can shift it to fit your schedule. Not to mention the issue of people saving til right before reset so they can get two uses in a small period of time. They made the right call here.
  6. They haven't implemented cross-save, so you cannot transfer data from one system to another.
  7. I hate conservation bevause of how hard tracks are to follow. They did not shape that well for the vision impaired.
  8. Yeah. Trinity passes shields. True damage does that generally.
  9. Wouldn't it be neat if Helios would do what it does even after it completes codex entries? To passively gain Simaris standing and give use to your Helios again? Well how bout we give that Helios Simaris skin offered by Simaris for 100k standing a use beyond visual? Maybe once you purchase that skin, you get the option (a check box that appears when the mod "Investigator" is installed) to have Helios scan new enemies or both new and old enemies (regardless of skin). When this happens, he scans new things as normal and old things until you reach your Simaris daily cap. This option would ob
  10. Why? It's shorter time the way it is and you choose your schedule. That's awesome!!
  11. So you're just being picky. This is a chance to bring people together. You want us to stay divided. I announce in trade, region, and recruiting. I get a lot of people. You're being a child. Maybe keep your eye out, or ask in chat "Anyone blessing a relay?" Actually communicate with the community and you get rewarded.
  12. This is why MR30s should use their head and announce they're gonna be using one in chats before use. That's what I do and have done from the start. Then people gather and I use my blessing. It brings the community together.
  13. This thread blatantly doesn't care about the common player. Good day.
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