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  1. It works fine on my Inaros. Which Warframe did you test it with? Loki?
  2. Prioritise throwing canisters. Always shoot the canisters. Bring the canisters from Phase 1 into Phase 2. My solo run was more than 1 hour when I went blindly. 40 minutes average after getting familiar with the fight. 25 minutes after learning that shooting the canisters can speed up the heating. It's definitely doable since you have friend. I don't bother doing more as I already got all Hildryn parts. I could probably go faster if I use Octavia or Nova to deal with the Raknoid.
  3. Exploiter Orb gives tonnes of resources to build Kitguns.
  4. It is overrated. People who praised Ignis Wraith usually only play low level missions. I'm pretty much sure people who complained about 60 hours challenge are the same people who praised Ignis Wraith.
  5. An open world infested city. Something like in DOOM Eternal gameplay reveal. The planet is so uninhabitable that there is no base. Tenno have to be deployed at random location in the planet by the Railjack.
  6. Reintroduce Solar Rails. Make only members of winning clan able to use the dedicated server. Less server required. Cheaper. Introduce competition. Introduce toxicity. Grab popcorn.
  7. Are you a professional or was that just an assumption? The thing that you said wouldn't make sense is definitely possible in game networking. People have been doing different kinds of networking hack to get things working for their game. I recommend https://gafferongames.com if you want to know more. In Warframe case, it seems the only time we interact with the server is during extraction and host migration. That's why we're allowed to stay in the mission during update.
  8. Currently when we are in melee, the bottom right UI only show our melee weapon. To see what weapon we had before, we need to aim/shoot to change it. Sometimes I forgot what weapon that I had, was it Zakti or Zarr? Never mind, just left click. Boom! I'm dead. Oooh, it was Zarr. I wonder if it would be a good idea to show like a small icon with text showing the weapon that we will switch into when we shoot, so when we shoot, it will swap with the current melee instead of replacing it. Something like in Devil May Cry.
  9. Happened to one of my squad too when I did the challenges.
  10. I'm digging it. Quick melee into Tempo Royale's block combo spinning attack is super smooth. Shoot > Shoot > Double tap E+Block for spinning attack > Continue shooting... We DMC Hype bois.
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