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  1. after bought some theme and background UI, I kinda wish they were applicable to profile screen too. right now profile screen kinda bland with grey background only. and also if possible,hopefully we can pose the frame and operator shown on the profile screen. cheers
  2. Finally Lotus nogle is fixed. Thank you DE
  3. Please allow us to spawn enemies on saturn six scene. I think it will be a great battleground.
  4. thank you for the fixes. still no fix for lotus nogle head broken at certain distance?
  5. Add alerts with wolf credit as reward, and increased chance of wolf spawn in that alerts mission.
  6. so when swap to gun play the channeling turned off and need to be activated again when swinging melee? or keep active until no energy or turned off despite the change of weapon?
  7. thank you for the update. cannot wait the main line update for melee change and deck 12
  8. My entry ign: Avynire ps: be fast lately a group of 4 keep hitting me try to capture my heart, some even tries for 6 times every night.
  9. is the pack only for nitro or also nitro classic?
  10. thank you for the fixes, please add skip button for "cut scene" mission brief when taking profit taker. and fix Lotus noggle head.
  11. just cooked up something in-game. Merry Christmas and happy holiday. (i need more capacity😋) Thank You, DE team for creating this game, we all lift together. ps. back to Track-,and tranq in Orb Vallis.
  12. Cannot wait for mesa Prime. Kindda wish the prime accesories is operator trench coat with cowboy hat.
  13. My Entry Captura the Battle Contest feat Excalibur Umbra using Rekkou's Excalibur Ronin helmet and lukinu_u's Mithra syandana. Good luck to all participants.😉
  14. please add scrawls as k-drive reward. thanks for the hotfixes ps:lotus noggle stil break from distance.
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