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  1. Often when exiting grineer crewship to archwing in railjack mission pet often died for no reason. This also make vacuum on archwing non existent. I am not sure with companion if it also died or not.
  2. @[DE]Helen what is the difference purchasing from steam store and from site just curious? will I still get Ivara prime noggle if purchased from steam store (is it only for highest tier)? thank you in advance
  3. -Hotkey for omni tool. -Move scrap (25dirac) icon away from instant repair. might accidentaly scrap equipment thinking it cost 25 dirac to fix. )Make it able to drag and move avionic like regular mod. -add Move scale and seperate the colour of ship name. -increase aw vacuum.
  4. kinda weird that during the quest ordis not commenting even once. some one posted a picture that the inside look like mummified figure or giant finger.
  5. some bug in orbiter captura cannot change exposure cannot access arsenal (via menu) change frame need to exit the captura
  6. Naru syandana placement is broken on all frame
  7. Thank you for the update , so to trade the lich we need to convert him/her not kill? also is there a way to "dump" lich without wasting requiem mod
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