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  1. I started playing Warframe months ago in PC and have been playing continuously for last few days. But yesterday at around 2 pm when I tried to launch the game, it took several minutes to check for update though there was none. Then when I tried to log in, "network not responding" popped up and told me to check my info, though thy were correct. I tried to log in for hours but failed. Though every other things were behaving normally. I played overwatch, siege, paladins, lol - they were running perfectly. Only Warframe was causing problems. Then I tried to use mobile data, and could play. Still now I can't log in using my broadband connection. I asked the isp provider and they said it was not their problem. I am from Bangladesh, South East Asia. Is anyone else having this log in issue? and, how can I solve it? Thanks in advance.
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