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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I was farming murmurs in a squad, and used Shadow's Embrace on a downed thrall. The thrall ragdolled the usual duration, but after standing up again it couldn't be mercied anymore. The mission was a defense, which made us unable to finish with the bugged thrall, and forced us to abort. I tried mercying some thralls while they were ragdolling, which worked normally, even if it looked goofy. Haven't yet properly checked if I can repeat this, but it is mission breaking in defense at the very least if it happens. VISUAL: The thrall was stuck in this position
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: FOV drops drastically when exiting Sevagoth's Shadow. My FOV was 90 at the time. REPRODUCTION: Enter and exit Sevagoth's Shadow. Very often the FOV drops, but it occasionally fixes itself by repeating the act. EXPECTED RESULT: FOV stays according to settings when exiting Sevagoth's Shadow OBSERVED RESULT: FOV drops drastically, potentially to minimum value when exiting Sevagoth's Shadow. REPRODUCTION RATE: Very often. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Had an instance where Sevagoth's Shadow didn't perform melee animations while movin
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