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  1. 1. Any other lore content coming? Warframe's lore has so much potential that I'd appreciate more small lore bits, be it through the leverian, more collectables, codex entries and whatnot. A lot of these could be created by a good writer(s). Also, thank you very much for doing more Prime Trailers, the half animation, half gameplay format is great. If this allowed for releasing trailers for older Primes, that would be delightful. 2. Will you ever expand on the Orb Vallis? I find it strange that all the bounty objectives (aside from Deck 12) take place in the central area of the map. So many
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I was farming murmurs in a squad, and used Shadow's Embrace on a downed thrall. The thrall ragdolled the usual duration, but after standing up again it couldn't be mercied anymore. The mission was a defense, which made us unable to finish with the bugged thrall, and forced us to abort. I tried mercying some thralls while they were ragdolling, which worked normally, even if it looked goofy. Haven't yet properly checked if I can repeat this, but it is mission breaking in defense at the very least if it happens. VISUAL: The thrall was stuck in this position
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: FOV drops drastically when exiting Sevagoth's Shadow. My FOV was 90 at the time. REPRODUCTION: Enter and exit Sevagoth's Shadow. Very often the FOV drops, but it occasionally fixes itself by repeating the act. EXPECTED RESULT: FOV stays according to settings when exiting Sevagoth's Shadow OBSERVED RESULT: FOV drops drastically, potentially to minimum value when exiting Sevagoth's Shadow. REPRODUCTION RATE: Very often. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Had an instance where Sevagoth's Shadow didn't perform melee animations while movin
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