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  1. Ah, apologies for misreading that part. Looking back I’m starting to agree that cataclysm should remain untouched
  2. You may understand him, but a lot of other players don’t, and it’s not their job to know the insides and outsides of Limbo. My goal is to propose changes that makes Limbo more team friendly while keeping the rift mechanic. Also I said with a small bubble that it gives 100% reduction not 95%, which tells me you didn’t really read through carefully... And 5%? That would be ridiculously low, why on earth would I make it only 5%? I’m somewhat disappointed by this comment
  3. That’s what I meant, probably just a bit of poor wording on my end, apologies! Should be fixed now
  4. Heya all, I’m back again. After the last post I’ve been trying to come up with new ideas for limbo that are better, I would first like to thank those who pointed out the flaws in my ideas, without you I may have been stuck with those ridiculous Ideas hah. Before I begin I should also say that if you wish to discuss or give your thoughts, be mature, otherwise it isn’t a discussion, it’s just an insult fest So Limbo at the moment remains controversial, not as much as he used to but there are some problems that remain... Perhaps his double edged sword nature might have been seen as a “Balancing Mechanic”, even so it isn’t a good “Balancing Mechanic” (I can’t stress the sarcasm on “Balancing Mechanic” enough), I want to keep the whole rift mechanic since I think it’s extremely unique and workable, we just have to find a way to make it work. The majority of my playtime has been spent in Limbo and having to worry about being a nuisance to my team (wether I am or not) is extremely draining and unfair, it’s actually started to push me away from him as a result. He needs some changes, and big ones too. Now I’m aware that there are frames that need attention much more than him, but I still want to try and get some ideas out there, which is why I’m making this post Limbos Passive - - - Limbos passive is fine as is, except for one thing... That. Damn. Portal. Seriously I hate this thing with a burning passion, it always gets in the way for me and sometimes my team aswell, it needs to go. It’s extremely pointless and annoying, so what’s the use in keeping it? Otherwise Limbos passive is A-ok The Rift visuals - - - Before we move to his abilities I should talk about the visual effects for the rift themselves, they’re abysmal... I can barely see which enemy is rifted and which isn’t, plus I sometimes don’t even realise IM rifted too since my eyes adjust to the discolouration, in fact, there’s apparently tentacles around limbo when he’s in the rift but I can barely see them, the visuals should be much more noticeable for Limbo and his team mates (without being obnoxious) as right now it’s very difficult to tell.. For rifted enemies they should become a photo negative of themselves, and limbo should have more noticeable effects when in the rift so he doesn’t get confused like a dark vignette and more noticeable tentacles Limbos 1 - - - At the moment his ability is Banish, it’s a cone shaped ability that pushes all enemies caught by it into the opposite plane of existence. This ability is hated for a reason and I totally understand why, it’s a very wide cone, can easily effect teammates accidentally and can barely be seen! My proposals are Make it single target Make the visuals more noticeable Give it an enemy cap (I think 7 would work) Make it so only one team mate can be rifted at a single time (Two team mates cannot be in the rift at the same time) When a team mate leaves the rift they get an energy regen effect that lasts the same amount of time as banish does (3/sec) And then there’s rift haven, I think this augment is horrible as it promotes an annoying play style for very little reward (the health given is not enough), plus it doesn’t deserve a mod slot. Banish is an ability that should mainly be used on enemies, I only include the energy regen so at least if a team mate is banished they get the energy regen no matter what. I think rift haven should become “Rift Inversion”, it essentially reverses how banish works, meaning limbo pulls enemies into his current plane of existence rather than pushing them out of his current one, it fits his general playstyle and makes the augment more worthy of taking a mod slot Stasis and Rift Surge - - - Im adding these so nobody says “wHaT aBoUt HiS 2 aNd 3?!” Both abilities are fine as they are, stasis is an amazing CC ability and with my proposals to banish rift surge becomes a better choice for limbo for when he wants to pull in multiple enemies into the rift, I should also note that rift surge isn’t affected by the enemy cap I proposed for banish Cataclysm - - - Cataclysm is quite annoying at times (apart from the visuals, I get that you think orange and sky blue fit limbo but please, I wanna see what I’m doing). Large bubbles force you to play around the edges and generally aren’t as effective for long periods of time, so heres what I’d do. Cataclysm remains as a bubble that acts as a pocket of the rift, however instead of a 100% damage immunity it gives you (and objectives) damage reduction, you can also shoot at enemies on the opposite side of the bubble but the damage they take from your weaponry is reduced too. E.G A large bubble gives Limbo a huge amount of area coverage, letting him CC a whole army, however it gives little to no protection.. Meanwhile A small bubble won’t CC anything but it will give the objective 100% damage reduction, basically making it act like how it does now. But smaller. What are your thoughts? Are there any flaws with my ideas, are they fine as is, or do you have alternate ideas? I’m always interested in other people’s ideas! Like I said earlier on, other people’s ideas were what helped me re-evaluate my ideas!
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