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  1. Aside from the XBox problems, I'm kinda glad there's no drops scheduled. 🤣 All the excessive amounts of "Entitled Drop Whiners" should be minimal this week. Surely this is a blessing in disguise.
  2. Wow! Great drops this week, thanks! 😶 I personally don't need Repair Drones, but I'll snag me a few just in case. Those aggressively complaining about drops are starting to come off as 'Entitled'. No one is forcing you to do anything, so stop thinking that DE owes you something that you didn't have in the first place. Oh no! You didn't get that 'free' thing you wanted?.... Did you DIE?!! 🤣
  3. Ooph, this weeks drops were rough! Lol Fingers crossed that next week ain't Grab Bags. :)
  4. I'm still gonna watch Streams but this will be the first time I won't be claiming drops and letting them expire in my drops inbox. I've already got 10 of each Fish Trophy, Deimos included. Lol Also, grab bags just set me up for heartbreak so it's quite a relief I won't be worried about these drops.
  5. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR SILLY GRABBAGS DE?!!.......... Absolutely anything you want, its your stream. LMAO! On a serious note, I hope for the return of regular set drops in the near furture. Thanks! :)
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