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  1. Boy,... You didn't only miss the party that the Op was able to do the mission. You did also miss the after-party which was a show off for the Op to show him how strong he can become, if he is able to combine his weapons with his warframe skills.
  2. It's a grineer weapon. On this way it does fit to the original user.😬😬😬
  3. It wasn't that bad. It only destroyed the eyes of everything.^^
  4. I'm realizing now that I forget to implent steel charge and the stealth multipler into the calculations. The damage from a normal attack would increase from 65k to 517k and a heavy attack from 6.6mil. to 52mil. . With a bit of luck I'm able to beat the starchart with it. ^^
  5. The enemies in the mr.30 are to weak that it make sense to prime them. Why should I spent a few seconds to prime them with my bow instead of killing them just with one hit.^^
  6. It can do the job but it's by far not perfect. I'm trying to get a +speed, +ice +combo duration, -faction riven. This would allow me to use amalgam organ shatter and and Focus energy On this way could Skalli inflict virus and electricity (Conditional overload=600% extra melee damage), but most important is the time of my heavy attacks reduced. This is perfect for my slam and heavy attack playstile. But sadly it's almost impossible to get my wanted riven. =/
  7. It's called a "tactical fall" to group the enemies together. XD About my melee Type: Zaw-Nikana Name: Skalli (Nord mythology. The wolf who hunts the sun, or to be correct the wolf who hunts the charioteer of the sun.) Strike: Sepfhan Grip: Korb Link: Vargeet II Ruhang Build:https://overframe.gg/build/120876/ stats. combined with my setup+ max. combo+ 1proc for condition overload: normal attack: attack speed: 1.692 crit. chance: 523.6% crit. multipler: 4.4 s
  8. @---No-Mercy--- now that you finally are a true master. Can you please upload a video of your run? It would be a huge help for others to show that everyone (no matter the conditions) can do it. And I'm also interested.^^ Just to clarify. I'm not even 25 years old. My playstile is very likely the complete opposite of yours. Just to show off how I did the mission the first time:^^ Normally I use my bow and my fourth ability much more. Here it wasn't needed.
  9. Before others can complain against this. Stop comparing a weapon with a warframe!
  10. Exilus mod slots. I want to be able to put every exilus on my frame, weapon and companion. It's not like that's there are so many exilus mod to become OP.^^
  11. That may solve the damage problem. But what are you going to do, if you're surrounded by a dozen of high-end-level enemies? The warframe doesn't have any options to protect himself or avoid the bullets. And sadly that isn't the only problem. There're no synergies between the abilities, his second,third and fourth are useless and most important is the warframe just a one-hit cannon. He can attack. That was it. 7 years ago it would have been acceptable, but in todasy time are the most frames allrounder with a specialization. If I were you I would start from the beginning. Your concept
  12. Maybe I'm missing something, but First ability whispering star: A stun is always good. damage abilities have the problem with scalability. What is deadly against lv., 1 enemies can become useless against lv. 100 enemies. It hit only one target, maybe up to ~5 if the enemies are grouped together. Nice, but actually useless. Killing/ stunning 1 enemy is useless, if you have +30 other enemies who want to shoot you down. Second ability transform: If the frame just transform into a shuriken and fly like a ufo with blades trough the battlefield it will h
  13. Nice ty for the correction.^^
  14. Translation: New frame idea Type: Ninja Passive: exalted samurai sword/ shuriken (like Garudas?) First skill whispering star: Throws a shuriken. Stuns enemies+ bleed proc. Second skill transform: transforms into the shuriken and spins around while dealing damage on enemies (beyblade?) Third skill silent steps: steps of the frame and his alias can't be heard anymore Fourth skill Oath of the ninja: Higher chance for finisher attacks. Did I understand everything correct?
  15. There are two types of people, if they fail. Some think about why they failed. The other thinks that it's not their own fault
  16. I don't want to pull down this attack, but (almost) the same happend in Germany last August. The only difference is that the three policeman were enough to keep the "demonstrants" away until the reinforcement came. They are using the potions wrong. They have to eat them.
  17. @starshinexviciousI think you are wrong informed. Even with Mr. 5 you won't be able to attack a raknoid, if you spend yout time only in exp farming mission. If you want to fight a raknoid you need the rank 5 (old mate) on Solaris United to fight it. With other words you don't have to farm exp, but you have to do several mission in the Orb vallis. Just to go sure: There are many ways to earn Solaris united standing like fishing, bountis conservation and mining. I tend to do conservation, because it's the fastest way imo and somehow I like this mission.
  18. Then enjoy Fallout at first and when your batteries are recharged you can do it again. Sometimes is taking a pause just what is needed to beat something in a game. =D
  19. Update von DE. Das die Sentients zur Zeit status-immun sind ist mir bewusst.
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