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  1. I too, would love nothing more than friendship doors to be gone, but.. they have their purpose, to let others catch up. Kinda annoying when someone joins and goes AFK, but that rarely happens so, we just got to deal with it..
  2. Honestly, warframe's difficulty is alright, the problem is with the meta frames, saryn, mesa, and the few other frames with high damage resistance. I just tried soloing kuva survival with Garuda, 30mins in and I have already died thrice. If you nerf the meta frames, I doubt we'll see anyone complaining about enemy difficulty. That's what should have happened instead of "The Steel path" if you ask me. And from what I've seen of the testers review, "The steel path" is just filled with bullet sponges, that's not hard mode that's bullet sponge mode. I would have expected hard mode to mean something like, increased AI behavior, they dodge more often or have resistance to certain warframe/operator abilities, etc. Definitely not being bullet sponges. Bullet sponges calls for meta, then meta calls for brain dead gameplay, which is what I think most of us were running away from.. If people actually play "Hard mode" after they've finished the star chart again, you would see a massive drop of usage of certain weapons and warframes which I think you DE would not like. Seeing as how you treat rivens, you like when things gets used equally across the board. If you are going to go through with this "hard mode" bullet sponges is not the way to go.
  3. Hi, I’ve been away for over a month, and just now decided to take a look at my railjack. I went to avionics section and realized the mods were not in place and not only that, i realize they are no longer ranked either. And i am also missing my zekti bullhead, i am going to assume that zekti bulkhead was removed and no longer exists and all the mods that got de ranked were refunded in diracs? I just need confirmation, thanks in advance
  4. Warframe the cooperative multiplayer game that is easily accessible to new players. That’s good, nice lovely, i had fun being a new player in this game it was a rush. The fun stopped when i became a veteran. New players can go pretty much anywhere veterans can go. I got kicks from time to time showing off at new players when they join the game but that died fast warframe leaderboards are hard to access makes me feel competition in the game is a bit diluted All games are repetitive, but warframe makes it obvious that the repetition exists. With the few mission modes that exist, different set ups for them might have lighten that mode, for example mobile defense, merging it with a rescue mission, you would defend three cryopods with hostages one by one and protect each one until all gets released and you make it to extraction. More brain work, keeps the mind from stalling. most of warframes recent events were made to be veteran worthy while new player accessible. I think that’s the problem. Warframe should pick one and work with that, picking the two then hoping it works leads to it being hard for new players, and grindy for veterans or easy for new players, and lame for veterans, this is how i view the updates since railjack’s first release. kuva liches were good, that system held me longer than most. hope this helps warframe is awesome
  5. With this nerf to plague kripath, I’m gonna have to improvise on getting it’s crit chance back up so that i can continue getting red crits from exodia contagion. These chances bashed my investments.. i will never heavily investigate ever again.. oh fulmin... oh kuva tonkor... Oh OH OH!!! you need a new way of handling this warframe. It really pisses one off. Please I don’t have a solution but please try something else this won’t work with me
  6. Hi, this post is about the bad experience I’ve had with hunting for my specific lich larvae, for 5 days i have been larvae hunting for a radiation kuva ayanga i have also been asking for one in trade chat and no reply. This experience has rather traumatized me and i can say for sure if i get the rad kuva ayanga today, i will most never larvae hunt a specific weapon ever again. I have a suggestion as to how to make this less a bad experience, you could tie a group of weapons that a larvae would spawn with to specific nodes, make it about 4-6 weapons per node. Honestly i think 6 is a bit much, because my experience is i get 2 of the same weapons repeatedly larvae hunting more than anything else. I hope a solution is found, because lich hunting is one of the things that’s been keeping me in game, thank you guys for your hard work.
  7. When i go to view all of warframe add ONs in the psn store, I don’t find titania prime access, however if i search for warframe in the store by default the prime access appears at top. I an reluctant to purchase it when it behaves like this. Hope it doesn’t causes any problems
  8. You guys show know how to tease i was planning to stay off Warframe for awhile lol guess i gotta rank stuff up
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