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  1. There is a mechanism in place with the twin clone of wukong for those who don’t know, if you stand idle with him, the clone will stop functioning even if you are surrounded by enemies, thus, one has to be active for the wukong clone to be active. wukong is the go to frame you want when you’re tired of a bit too much finger work. But it doesn’t encourages AFK gameplay.
  2. You could always run solo the twin isn’t even that efficient with bramma anyway. also i cant see the real problem you seem to be announcing here, does consistent damage blast screen so you can’t see anything needs no effort, player does nothing you will find these problems with other warframes and weapons why the hate on twin clone
  3. Limbo long needed this nerf...What i find bad about this is that, it took them an event to nerf limbo, as if they only pay attention to the game during an event... it’s bad really I really feel like they making up things along the way, like there’s no long term thinking done.
  4. Hi, this post is about the bad experience I’ve had with hunting for my specific lich larvae, for 5 days i have been larvae hunting for a radiation kuva ayanga i have also been asking for one in trade chat and no reply. This experience has rather traumatized me and i can say for sure if i get the rad kuva ayanga today, i will most never larvae hunt a specific weapon ever again. I have a suggestion as to how to make this less a bad experience, you could tie a group of weapons that a larvae would spawn with to specific nodes, make it about 4-6 weapons per node. Honestly i think 6 is a bit much, because my experience is i get 2 of the same weapons repeatedly larvae hunting more than anything else. I hope a solution is found, because lich hunting is one of the things that’s been keeping me in game, thank you guys for your hard work.
  5. When i go to view all of warframe add ONs in the psn store, I don’t find titania prime access, however if i search for warframe in the store by default the prime access appears at top. I an reluctant to purchase it when it behaves like this. Hope it doesn’t causes any problems
  6. You guys show know how to tease i was planning to stay off Warframe for awhile lol guess i gotta rank stuff up
  7. Even though I get stagger when i shoot it at me my foot like before to clear enemies around me, i still have fun with it. I do my best to stay out of stagger range and not mindless shoot it. I don’t find it bad
  8. yes, standings having limits too, for a year now im rank 4 fortuna, not because its hard. Fortuna is just boring and when i do decide to go rank up i reach max daily cap and then tell myself “i gotta do it tomorrow”. and the idea of that becoming a chore just doesn’t seems worth it so i just stopped trying all together. Most of the parts of this game I avoid are parts like that. Rather than tending to them as a chore i just go at em when i feel like it, which looking back now, is never
  9. Navigate, navigate! To a proxima in need of help we shall sail at our specialized stations we stand, head in the game, evil will not prevail woosh woosh! Warps the ship with our guns loaded, with our resources stocked, evil will not prevail! Oh proxima of damnation in sight, we shall clear you of this blight, at the enemies den we charge the voids might, ship cephalon at our backs, archwings taking flight and railjack shining like a celestial bird blinding the evil in sight! Loot we loot from the enemies lifeless boots, never is it too large, never is it too small , grateful we are for the help, the war draws near grateful we are for the help, loot we shall loot tenno aim the railjack to loot Navigate, navigate to home and rest, restock, recharge and upgrade ship cephalon steer the way.
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