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  1. Dude, imagine replacing mesa’s 1 with volt shock augument or smite infusion. Regulators gonna be op beyond doubt. Then you have new possible eidolon king volt woth smite infusion. Gold stuff lol i can see some nerfs already, and possible limitations to what certain frames gets.
  2. Limbo can’t be viable at all, unless, we can get his dash that places is in and out of the void, then again I wouldn’t want that cause I normally avoid limbo players during matchmaking and not knowing players have this ability would be in for an absurd new level of troll
  3. This is nothing new, I don’t know about normal lephantis, but for sortie lephantis if you don’t kill it fast enough, you fail too also if you looking for challenge steel path exploiter orb is fun best boss fight in game don’t quote me
  4. Khora, Nekros, Spova.. was a three man squad at assur uranus, spova left at 2hrs, we felt it got slow so we bolted.. I did a 2hr run before, solo and got same results.. So steel essence is not affected by loot frames? Maybe it is just kill speed and how long you stay afterall? Also i have all boosters on and my smeeta bearly procced. Anyone have a more efficient way of farming this? Please do tell. this farm is sapping my brain cells Edit: Oh I think I should mention, I tried leaving the Steel Essences on the ground until I got smeeta proc, but two of them went poof around 5mins. Yeah wouldn't recommending leaving them over 2mins
  5. Yes This ^, i got bored once and decided to take a look at the other regions on ps4. Only north america and europe were blooming everywhere else dead, dead. you can tell by checking the region recruit and trade chats
  6. They exist everywhere, third party programs i mean. It’s just that they are not common and easy to access on consoles as they are pc. that aside, I thought we would have a date by now.. sad face
  7. Rivens are for convenience sake, they don't make a weapon what it is. Then again it's DE's fault for letting ya'll think they do. It's like. The weapon itself doesn't really matter to you guys it's just the riven that does.
  8. Redo.. the star chart.. AGAIN!? man the repetition gotta stop somewhere
  9. You must have ass connection, or something. Whenever I boost up my ship and sail forth, I always get a full squad. Mostly those who don't know what they're doing though.. Players just going there to get intrinsics since it's tied to MR. Is it fun? It could be, but I find railjack more repetitive than the star chart system is and let's not forget that first impressions are important, which RJ failed at, miserably. IF it's not for intrinsics farm you'll have to pay me to do RJ
  10. I find it stupid but, the way it's being used like this needs to be under control, not saying we don't need a mature community but that toxicity gots to go. Next thing they tell you you're gay for running a specific mission.
  11. Mesa works for me just fine, you gotta be within like 30meters to hit the raknoids though, and to cover the terrain fast i use the void dash, very efficient 14-18mins runs each time. Also the raknoids do teleport, it’s like the game gets frustrated that we are doing well then raknoids go blippp
  12. I’m actually glad for any rewards sortie gives me, even if it’s the ayatan, can just sell them later. It did get frustrating at a point, but i am forced to accept the reality of rng.
  13. The exodia contagion doesn’t applies the innate viral from the plague kripath against the profit taker, unless you add cold and toxin mods, otherwise it does not apply the innate viral against profit taker. yet it does against other enemies. Definitely a bug. It applies every other innate(physical) damage.
  14. This, i just get the kuva weapons, master them to 30, then dump em. I want mastery but its too much forma and work atm. I’ll do them later when im rich with forma and bored
  15. This looks fun, wish I could be a part of it. #steelpathforconsoleplease
  16. When im in my orbiter, the place where i thought i could chill. This place excites my ps4 fan more than anywhere else in the game for some reason,i can also say that of all the games i play on my ps4, none runs my fan hard as when im in Warframe orbiter, even when im in missions it never goes this hard for a long while... what is up with the orbiter... is it just mines..!? Could it be all my decorations? Because I could use my orbiter without any.
  17. This thread about baruuk builds? Or steel path being easy? Because sure baruuk makes some missions a walk in the park, but that frame is not the most efficient to use in most of the missions. There are other frames that can be most efficient in baruuks place, and steel path keeps you from sleeping prior to normal mode. That aside, sounds like in steel path Baruuk’s the new saryn.
  18. If this was DE’s intention of replacing the simulacrum, they shouldn’t have gave it any rewards at all and shouldn’t have made it so we had to redo all of the star chart. Should have just placed the level scaling there on the already completed star chart. But they didn’t, which means they planned to make steel path content of somewhat. Which they did. Half baked. And it’s the result being half baked why we are here.
  19. The MR lock is just making sure players know how to basically bullet jump and all the other basics I guess, as MR really doesn't dictates one's skill. If DE really wanted to lock it behind difficulty, they could have factored different requirements, challenging requirements.
  20. DE heard that we wanted hard mode, and they gave it to us in their own know how.. it’s not 2012 anymore ya know? Modern gamers needs to be enticed. and for people saying that “the gameplay should be reward itself” WHAT??? Have you seen hardmode it’s literally the star chart all over again WITH THE SAME MISSIONS there’s nothing enticing about repeating that. And because they failed to make the gameplay itself feel enticing, that’s why they gotta make up more on the rewards table. When we asked for hard mode, to us it was common sense that it’ll naturally come with it’s worthy rewards, little did we know DE had other plans.. And if DE intends to let it stay this way, then what they feel they’ve successfully delivered will instead be the exact opposite.
  21. oof, If this is true, maybe i can complete 10 waves under 30mins now!! Sweet
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