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  1. I found an animation bug with the Corinth shotgun. If you reload and roll at the same time after standing up your warframe will filp the shotgun completely vertically horribly twisting the wrist around. Reloading again fixes the animation
  2. Additionally, I have experienced an issue when extracting from a mission where it locks me in the end mission rewards screen with an error message displayed and the game becomes unresponsive.
  3. Even starting from a full restart of the system will still present connection issues. If other players haven't restarted completely attempting to join an active session or launching in a squad with someone who hasn't restarted will kick you from the squad.
  4. It doesn't matter if I start from a complete restart of the system or not, if other players haven't done that and it tries to match me with them I won't connect.
  5. Huge matchmaking issues since the old blood update. joining active nodes like Helene and having no one join your squad, Failure to join sessions, long wait times when selecting a node while "looking for squad" only to launch solo or join a squad and then have "session unavailable". Others not joining your active session seems to be "fixed" by completely restarting the switch but that does not solve the issues when trying to join a currently active squad.
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