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  1. um. No. If you read you would see that it isn't stripping armor, it's halving its value. Thanks for the productive comment, really nice of you to be so helpful.
  2. what if ripline worked more like Nidus' Larva but centered on Valkyr? As a melee frame it would basically serve enemies up on silver plater.
  3. Hi all. So it seems that having heat strip armor is a controversial idea. I had a thought, however, that may make fire more useful while keeping corrosive's identity to itself. Basically, instead of stripping armor, what if the fire proc did what viral did but to armor and not health? That is, a temporary halving of total armor value (as well as the CC and stacking damage). Corrosive keeps its place as the main damage type against ferrite.
  4. I like it. Though, to be fair, as a fascist the worm queen would probably not be holding that... unless she'd just snatched it from a corpse.
  5. Nightwave season 2 has been live since July 7th, 2019. That's four months for this particular Nightwave. I was worried around week 8-9 that I wouldn't make it. It was super easy and much less time consuming than season 1. The catch up mechanic can allow you the chance to get the ranking you need, if you really want that suit as much as you say you do. Also: Having is not as pleasing as wanting.
  6. Hilly isn't fat, though. She's built like a sterotype of a Russian or Slavic farmer's wife. Works hard, plays hard, can crack your skull with her thighs.
  7. So you've never seen your cat solve a problem? Or figure out how to do something in a new way? Connect with you in a different way? Come on, buddy. Logic is just not in the domain of the greater Apes.
  8. Um, your cat IS sapient. You just don't understand their language. Most animals are sapient.
  9. There is a symbol that looks something like this: [ ] on everything you can trade.
  10. This is fair. The Crit build works ok with the regular Hek. You could just build one with sheer damage and two elementals. You can get something like 20000 total damage per shot pretty easily with mods like Blaze, Accelerated Blast, Vigilante armaments, etc. Its the crazy multishot mod (scattering justice), that gives it so much damage. Interestingly enough the Vaykor variant has the Justice proc baked in... but doesn't have the additional multishot (which would actually be really, really nice).
  11. You'd do well to try to pick up the following mods: Scattering Justice, Blaze, Primed Point Blank, Primed Ravage, primed charged shell (their normal counterparts are good, too), accelerated blast, hunter munitions, vigilante armaments, hell's chamber, blunderbuss. There are a lot of ways to build a Hek but Crit is the best bet. So blunderbuss, Hunter Munitions and Ravage are a must A lot of folks will mod for viral damage to complement the slash damage from Hunter Munitions since your status chance isn't very likely. Hope this helps! Have fun!
  12. I would like to see the rewards rotate within the week, that is, shorten the rotation schedule. Or, as others suggest, have kuva show up more often or become one of the evergreen rewards like nitain.
  13. Good Morning, This issue happened on Saturday. Essentially all the red lights and textures in the Kuva Fortress were strobing between red and white, causing a nightmarish cacophony of visual noise. I have pictures on my switch but can upload pictures later if needed.
  14. Saryn spreads the spores, strips armor and Ember does the CC and strips remaining armor all the while both frames are doing continuous DPS and boosting each other’s damage. let’s just hope they make good friends with trinity.
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