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  1. Interesting. I can see how that would be quite annoying.
  2. I don't think so. I haven't seen anything like that but if it does exist it would probably be in the controls section of the options menu. You can also remap the entire controller, so... maybe that can help you out. Also, a USB mouse and keyboard work with Switch, too.
  3. I've been using Saryn for awhile now, and have been a huge fan (Most used frame). Recently started working with Mesa. She's so much fun that grinding bounties is a pleasure now.
  4. The Hek is definitely worth more investment. It helped me clear the star chart, as well as its Vaykor Variant. Arca Plasmor is good, but not "better". It's all according to personal taste. But I constantly out damage Plasmor users with the Vaykor. That syndicate proc clears rooms all the time on low levels AND provides a heal. What's not to like?
  5. What's wrong with supporting DE? I think anyone who plays the game for a long enough time SHOULD send them a little money, as it keeps the game going and gives them more resources to work with. Is there really a split in the community where buying Prime Access is considered a sin or something? I get FTP players don't want to pay and take pride in grinding things completely. But if not for folks like us the game would have long since folded.
  6. why would the platform make a difference? Not trying to flame you just wondering what it is about the ps4 that makes mesa/mirage not work for ESO. Is it the controller? Power A has a wireless controller with two programmable buttons on the paddles that are just wonderful. Basically it is almost as good as a mouse and keyboard, your thumbs never have to leave the sticks for anything.
  7. I figured that it was just a machine to heat up the coolant, because that is what it seems to do. I fish all my rare OV fish for Nightwave here.
  8. So... I actually managed to get all the codes to go through at Tennocon. I know I can't be alone. Did anyone else get them all on the 6th?
  9. I pay Saryn primarily, where you need 200 percent power strength for 100% status chance on your spores. Recently I've gotten quite interested in Mesa since I built the Prime I farmed up, and I have to say that yes, she can definitely get away with 130% power strength as that is when Shattered Shield gets maxed out. I'd like to do more and I have a few builds that cap at 200% but they just aren't efficient enough to keep Peacekeepers up for more than a few seconds at a time (Which is probably how it is supposed to be). Mesa is so energy hungry that I need to start Eidolons so I can get some arcane energize on top of my zenurik dash. I usually run both efficiency mods. It is... really nice to not have your energy drop.
  10. only if they have a potato (orokin reactor or orokin catalyst)
  11. yeah, pretty sure Geoff's got the job on lock. Not only is he a great administrator, he's also been with the company a long, long time. Warframe's art is fantastic. This guy's stuff just doesn't fit that mold, like how his Ash Deluxe is obviously much more suited to Inaros.
  12. chat's going to be spammed with Where's my Nekros/Ephemera! good thing I watch with chat hidden.
  13. Yeah I remember that! But for some reason it didn't connect in my head that this meant there was no clicking a node then flying/loading the tileset. Probably because there didn't seem to be a lot of confirmation or real interest in making it happen. And it was awhile go, before the summer sun destroyed my ability to remember things that aren't cool, clear water.
  14. yeah. pretty much where i land, too. but it is interesting to see the definition differ depending on whomever furnishes it.
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