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  1. The only third party controller I have found that works with the Switch is the Power A brand. I especially like the version with the programmable buttons on the paddles. Really feels great to bullet jump through a level without ever taking your thumbs off the sticks. It opens up a whole new world that feels almost as good as a keyboard and mouse.
  2. okay. I understand that. I have only been playing since Switch Launch and the Partners I've seen have been pretty good ambassadors, but I have read horror stories for sure. Good point about it helping smaller creators, though.
  3. I don't understand the point of this. Is this a response to the racist creators that attacked Rebb and Steve on Twitter? By axing everyone? I see there is a new program but honestly it looks no different. So why make this pointless busy work for yourselves? Is this a way to block people from being creators that you had every ability to block before? See how this doesn't make sense? You'll be in the same boat before long. Call them creators or partners it doesn't matter. At least Partner felt more like you were invested in the community. This feels like a corporate move with no real rhyme or reason, just a justification of employment.
  4. Any news on an end date? Are you going to give everyone a good amount of time like before? Because it used to be: do 1/3-1/2 of the weekly challenges to max out by the end. But with this nightwave only lasting 2 months (as Helen states in the Original post) you'd literally need to do every challenge to reach rank 30.
  5. If this hasn't yet been brought up: a CC ability like Nidus's Larva, but centered on the emanating frame and not a chosen point in space, and lasting only until the enemies reach said frame. Basically a "get over here" for melee frames. Basically, this could replace something like Valkyr's ripline, which at this point is just a meme. Some may enjoy spidermaning around but most do not and so this is a dead ability. In fact, this can even replace the ripline on the Itzal, which is pretty useless in actual gameplay.
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