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  1. The reason I like and use high ability strength on Saryn is for my farming builds but also because at 200 power strength spores status chance becomes 100%, which is really important when you're trying to strip armor. But like I said before you can build her a bunch of different ways. Play however you want to play is how I look at it.
  2. This Tenno is correct. Basically, she needs enemies and if they die spored with no one in range your spores just go away. I forgot to mention that. She can be used in other mission types but personally I use her in Defense, ESO, Interception and survival. However, other DPS frames like Mesa and Ember thrive on the Open World tile sets. Best thing about Warframe is there is no real end-all-be-all answer to everything because the meta is always slightly shifting. I love that every melee weapon is good now, for instance. When I first started it was all about specific zaws and spin to win weapons. Also: a friendly word of warning. A lot of people get really, really upset when they randomly match with a Saryn because they consider it "ruining their fun" or "not letting them play the game". They are not wrong. But the way I look at it a Saryn is a blessing because she really accelerates a farm. And Warframe has more farming than Stardew Valley ;)
  3. 1, Toxic Lash: Adds a percentage, depending on Ability Strength, of Toxin Damage to all attacks for 30 seconds or more depending on Duration, Also instantly bursts spores that will then spread based on Range. Managing Toxic Lash and making sure it is always up while fighting is a top priority. For extra fun add in the Venom Dose Augment to give yourself and allies extra Corrosive Damage. Doing two types of Elemental Damage can easily end up in multiple procs that can be taken advantage of with Condition Overload. With Venom Dose and Toxic Lash you can have a minimum of three Status types (Corrosive, Toxin and whatever the weapon is modded for- I often use Viral or Gas. Radiation is great, too, that way you have all the armor stripping elements [Since Corrosive is for Ferrite Armor and Radiation is for Alloy Armor.]). 2. Spore an enemy: Begins a Damage Over Time Corrosive Damage proc as well as stripping armor- the higher the status chance (listed in spore window on Warframe Ability Page) the greater the strip. Gas Damage will, if Toxic Lash is not currently up, add clouds of Toxin around enemies, these clouds will burst the spores as well, which is why a lot of Saryns run with Ignis Wraith modded for gas. I prefer the Acid Shells and Justice Proc from the Sobek- It's like having little Miasmas generated by your weapon, and will also heal you 25% with Justice AND hit nearby enemies with Blast Damage every time it triggers. 3. Miasma will do a flat amount of Viral Damage (Not much, really) and also proc Viral status on enemies hit by it, also spreads spores on enemy death- and triples the damage output of Spores DOT. In low level missions (anything below 100) this will usually kill almost everything in range. At higher levels it helps maintain Spore DOT and spread. 4. Try to get your weapons to 100 percent status chance. Saryn thrives not on Critical Damage but on Status (Hek, her passive extends Status Procs, which is the best thing ever). That said, a Stat Stick (A polearm modded for 100 percent status) is enough. Condition Overload and Healing Return are your best friends as well since you will be spreading status all over. 5. Grofit. ____ as to your second comment all I can think is maybe their Range is higher. From what I understand (and I could be wrong) whichever Saryn has the highest range usually takes over in ESO
  4. These first builds are pretty easy to get early on as most of the mods are pretty common. There are a bunch of ways to build her but with my playstyle I go with: Cunning Drift (Lua Challenge Room) Growing Power (or Energy Siphon, GP is kinda hard to get without buying because it has a low drop rate, and doesn't actually drop from the enemy- that is a farm to spawn itself, until you finish a certain quest) Vitality Stretch Transient Fortitude (This is from Vault Runs) Intensify Venom Dose (You can also use Regenerative Molt, which will heal you a ton. I love the extra damage with Venom Dose and I also like giving corrosive to allies. I run Condition Overload on my melee a lot with Saryn just because why not- you'll be procing things left and right. Even after they limited CO it is still does damage equivalent of having 6 different status effects while now only needing 3) Augur Reach (Earth Bounties on POE) Primed Continuity (Baro, Trade Chat) these primed mods can also be the non-primed variant. It will work almost as well. Primed Flow (Baro, Trade Chat) 2nd Build: This one has is harder to get, but really great at farming Focus: energy siphon (NW, Trade Chat) cunning drift (Lua Vault) Vitality Fleeting Expertise (Vault) Blind Rage (Vault) Augur Reach (Would be stretch but I haven't added a sixth forma, not sure how I could, lol) Venom Dose (again can be Regenerative Molt. My Operator can heal so I don't need it anymore) Primed Continuity Transient Fortitude Overextended (Vault Runs) Umbral Build (this is a WIP, and a bunch of others have radically different designs that work just as well) Cunning Drift, Growing Power, Adaptation (Arbitrations or Trade), Fleeting Expertise, Blind Rage, Overextended, Venom Dose, Umbral Intensify, Prime Continuity, Umbral Vitality. I also highly stress the use of Arcane Energize once you get it. Otherwise you'll need: Energizing Dash (Zenurik Focus School) Supra Vandal W/ Augment or equivalent energy generating weapon OR Ignis Wraith but for Gas Damage OR Sobek w/ Justice Augment AND Acid Shells BIG ASS POLEARM. Zaws are great but the Lesion will work just as well, I also HIGHLY recommend the Prisma Dual Cleavers (BARO) w/ Steel Meridian Augment Pet/Companion to Taste (Doesn't matter, I usually just slot in whatever at the time.) I also used Hunter Adrenaline quite a bit early on, that drops from Plains enemies and bounties With Saryn you want RANGE, ABILITY STRENGTH (At 200 Str spores strip armor, which becomes her main job at high levels) Warframe School also has a good Saryn beginner build that I used as a baseline until I found my way. https://warframe-school.com/saryn-builds-guide/
  5. Step one: cast toxic lash, step two: Spore an enemy step three: Kill said enemy, spore spreads, Step four: you can miasma every now and then in high level missions but you will wipe the map of most things on the star chart. Build her for Range, Strength and/or Survivability. You can also use Umbral Mods and Forma to kick her into heights she doesn't really need to achieve. If you are interested I can link you some of my builds, I have a lot of hours with her. She's my favorite DPS frame by FAR.
  6. I see what you're saying. Agreed she should clear chart missions. It just seemed very powerful, as though very soon it would be turned down a notch. But yeah my testing at levels beyond 100 she turns very much into a Saryn-like playstyle, not so much nuke as DOT
  7. this doesn't answer my question. I agree with what you say, don't understand why you said it. I wasn't trying to compare the two so much as draw the parallel between how easily they both clear tiles with minimal investment or effort. I think maybe I wasn't clear enough: was there a rework of Inferno after the rework Switch currently has in the upcoming updates? Because it seems to me that Inferno would make some folks rage quit and, if I'm not mistaken, some already have from missions I was taking part in. Could have been a bad connection, too though, I guess.
  8. Hello. This just dropped on Switch and I spent this weekend thinking Inferno was way too powerful and must have been nerfed somewhat in the next update. Is this correct or is she really going to be this broken going forward? I wouldn't mind, but I've spent a fair amount of time playing Saryn, who many consider OP and broken and unfun to play with. This new Ember can fall right into this category as well. I can see it causing teammates to have a bad play experience.
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