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  1. Personally I'm planning on giving her Larva and getting rid of the ripcord at my earliest opportunity.
  2. I run a mix of both and it works well even on Steel Path. Not fancy, no frills because it builds on itself: P. Pressure Point P. Reach P. Fury Berserker Weeping Wounds Blood Rush Organ Shatter Drifting Contact This build with Tempo Royale is a slashing monster. Its a basic build and slotting even the non-prime versions of the mods is still quite powerful. When you can do Crit and Status equally well why not do both?
  3. Personally I play Warframe for the movement. I don't like the necromechs because the movement is much more clunky and slow. However because of this I see that it could definitely be a good option for a PVP system. But I don't play Warframe to compete, I play to cooperate. I'm too old and too left to do any competing 😉
  4. I just updated it through using + and download update which took 25 minutes, THEN I loaded warframe and it had another 25 minute download. I think it just takes time.
  5. Whelp, we were right. Megan just said it will happen this week but not on the 25th. Good luck to you all Panic Button and DE! You guys do good work under difficult circumstances.
  6. I'm just happy I'll finally have a reason to actually build the primes I've been hoarding.
  7. I think that Mastery 8 is too low as many others have said. 15 was good and 20 (as suggested by some) was ridiculous. Maybe something like 12-14 if you have to go lower than 15. Basically it should be absolutely locked behind the Sacrifice/New War. Not only does this make sense narratively it also makes sense as far as player mastery is concerned. I understand that most folks get this around MR 10.
  8. Change is good. Change is scary. Oberon's a brute and Titania's a fairy. Sorry. I couldn't help myself.
  9. Sounds like some fascist propaganda to me ;)
  10. I use her a lot. Ember Prime is my 5th most used frame.
  11. I don't think it is supposed to be launching on the 25th for us. The only thing that ever launches simultaneously is Nightwave. We probably won't get Heart of Deimos until Late September/early October. edit: Nevermind. I read wrong. They are aiming for a simultaneous release. Interesting. I still don't think we'll get it for some time. Hope I'm wrong.
  12. So yeah: the Tenno aren't good guys. At best, we're chaotic neutral. The amount of genocide we perform on a daily basis shows that in the end we're not much better than the Grineer or Corpus or Infested. The sentients are right to fear and loath us. We've done nothing to prove otherwise.
  13. Yeah this is the case now. They're pretty expensive, though.
  14. Honestly, I didn't have a problem with farming Nidus at all. I know this is a horror story for most players but for me it only took about 5 runs. RNGesus must love me, I guess. Trinity, Saryn and Mesa, however: Never again if I can help it. 😉
  15. 1. No 2. Just enemy with procs 3. only if it applies a status at the same time. 4. keep the .5, I have a few of those I can't unload, either.
  16. oh we can. give her Larva from Nidus instead of her 1. Problems solved.
  17. They are never going to do it. They would lose too much in short term profits/playerbase because they'd lose the "double dippers". Whenever it comes up you can just feel Steve rolling his eyes. They like to avoid this topic if they can. The only reason it was asked in the DevStream was because it was literally being spammed in the chat by 20-30 people. The last I heard they only had one person working on finding out how to do it and it wasn't looking good. Unfortunately we are going to be segregated as Tenno until the end of time. But who knows, maybe one day at a Tennocon they will shock the
  18. Later that same week he explained that he was joking and there was no rework planned.
  19. As a Saryn main I can say that she is powerful and a little broken. But necessary in high level missions. She gets hate because she does her job well, some people see this as ruining the game for them because they cannot "play" so to speak (everything dies before they get to it). As a grinder I view her as a way to get the grind done much faster. I can see her being nerfed slightly, but if they go too far that will make her useless. I would argue that Mesa is more broken and easy to dominate with. At least with Saryn you have to set up your kills. With Mesa it is just press 4 and spin around t
  20. Good morning, the explosion from triggering this mod for the Mara Detron is not happening. This also sometimes happens with the explosion from the Sobek mod Acid Shells, but that seems to have been fixed for the most part.
  21. The bottom left wing of the Tennogen syandana Sari clips with and overlaps the left arm of the warframe while using Titania Noble animation. This clipping also exists with Wisp animations as well. This is especially prevalent with the Saryn Deluxe skin, the Orphid Skin. The only "flying" animation that does not clip is the Titania Agile animation. I wouldn't mind seeing this fixed if possible. Thanks and have a great day.
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