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  1. Related to this topic: Add support for gyro-aiming on all platforms (Currently only Nintendo Switch supports it)
  2. In my opinion, the Old Blood should be a quest available in the Codex. The requirements to start the quest should be something like "Stab a Kuva larving in Cassini, Saturn". Once you trigger the quest, someone (Tenshin?) should guide the player through the process of killing his first Kuva Lich. It could also provide some lore and a couple of cinematics of how the Lich is resurrected and eventually defeated.
  3. Some suggestions: Add a new Railjack-based syndicate at the relays. New syndicate offerings: Sigma components (so you do not need a clan to obtain them), new avionics, archwing mods, or even a new space-based warframe. Add Railjack bounties for earning standing with this syndicate. In my opinion, current Empyrean maps are large enough to hold multi-stage bounties (assassination, sabotage, defense...)
  4. I play Warframe on Nintendo Switch using a PS4 controller, and it does support gyro-aiming flawlessly. That means that the Playstation hardware supports motion controls, but it is not implemented on the PS port.
  5. I didn't notice nightwave was ending until too late. So I have lost 475 hard-earned credits 🤦🏻‍♂️ I was supposed to receive an in-game warning in the news screen of the orbiter. Unfortunately, the news is not showing correctly. My game is set in Spanish. Here is the proof: This is not an Switch specific bug, because I also had the same issue on my PS4 account (I lost 50 credits there):
  6. Indeed, the news is not showing in Spanish. My 475 credits are gone without any in-game warning. What can I do? Here is the proof: My Nintendo Switch account: My PS4 account:
  7. I did not receive any in-game warning. The news was not showing in the orbiter console. I lost 475 credits. My game is set in Spanish, so it could be a language-specific bug. What can I do? Screenshot of my Nintendo Switch account. I don't see any news regarding nightwave end. My PS4 account. No news neither:
  8. Just checked my in-game news board and the mobile app. There is not a single warning about the nigh wave ending yesterday (I play in Spanish). I have also lost 475 credits.
  9. Damn, I didn't notice the nightwave was ending until too late. So I have lost 475 credits 🤦🏻‍♂️ I don't remember seeing any post in the in-game news screen nor on the mobile App. My game is set in Spanish, if that matters.
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