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  1. Well, this is a better experiment than fishing or mining. At least we are shooting things in this event. However, the event sees us simulating a real-world kid's activity. This is a space-ninja video game focused on fast action. I mean, whatever floats your boat, I guess... This type of event is what I wanted to encourage 4+ years ago because it would've helped draw some attention and helped the game get a sense of direction (test your collision detection while getting player feedback, etc). Now, in 2019, I don't see how such an event can help. Tiny mini-games with a huge grind for silly items that do nothing are generally disappointing... and with the pretext of beta status being long-gone, I don't know guys. I just don't know. I suspect we're actually QA'ing a netcode change, or a terrain generator, or something else entirely that wasn't mentioned. I don't see where DE would get value out of running an event this simple "just for the lulz". Unlike in a lot of other games that run silly events, this content isn't integrated into the main game. Oh, the bug count seems pretty low this time around, so bonus points there! Anyway. I'm going to go be confused somewhere else for awhile.
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