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  1. well the invasions in railjack is just adding an old mechanic in a new area nothing real new there but not a bad idea. as for giving reasons to run missions pasts the "loot" you mean like the rest of the game? you do realize this is a looter shooter right? the loot is the point of doing the missions the alliance and clan thing you keep bringing up sounds a lot like the old solar rail conflicts we used to have which just led to click races to see who could click the fastest and start to claim the right to fight and only the big clans and alliances ever got to do anything because the
  2. one of my clanmates who does not have a railjack still can't mod the plexus after the updates so i don't think this is fixed
  3. While it sounds really cool in theory the long term viability would not be good. While the game treats the tenno as a rare and small faction this is not the actual truth, given the number of actual players and the power of the tenno we would just stomp all over every one of these conflicts as they came up in a matter of days if not hours until the tenno would eventually control the entire star chart it might take some time depending on the pace of the conflicts coming out and the rewards etc. but the outcome is more or less enviable.
  4. TYPE: in game DESCRIPTION: host selects a new mission and i am unable to vote at all on the new mission yes or no and the host has to start the count down timer to proceed VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: simply be the client in a railjack mission and have the host select a new mission after you have finished the one you are on EXPECTED RESULT: be able to vote on the new mission OBSERVED RESULT: not be able to have an inpute at all REPRODUCTION RATE: everytime as host on railjack missions
  5. TYPE: in game DESCRIPTION: railjack mission exit screen not showing rewards unsure if actually receiving them or not VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: every railjack mission as client EXPECTED RESULT: should have shown all rewards received OBSERVED RESULT: only showed credits REPRODUCTION RATE: everytime
  6. if i get what your saying right, is the ability to add the sniper reticule to weapons that don't normally have them like some of the DMR's that depend on their accuracy like the grinlok or the latron series or rifles, which i think would be a great idea. i don't know how hard it would be for them to implement, i agree no sniper bonuses but over all not a bad idea
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