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  1. until it becomes a requirement for another quest or some other content. seriously? all this over a sword....
  2. since i already said i have farmed them i am aware of where to get them, and its not that big a deal and they also drop in the game mode itself. and they very clearly stated not to lock into the numbers of resources things required on the dev build as they were still in flux for balancing, again please pay attention. and i still have a couple hundred of most of those just from farming them for the riljack i doubt it will be that hard to build up a stockpile
  3. rare drop? the farm for the railjack resources was one of the easiest i have had in warframe they are nowhere near "rare" resources lol
  4. a majority of those resources we already have access to if you were paying proper attention....
  5. ^^^^^ this, i swear its like no one was actually paying attention to the stream, at least now i know 1 other person was actually paying attention besides me
  6. you realize this is all an invalid argument now as you can just down the lich 3 times and the then it runs away, no paragon needed?
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