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  1. general discussion is probably not the best place for this, there is a whole mega thread on controller bugs with this update that would likely be the best place for this, also your really short on details such as are you using the steam controller interface or warframe's own controller support? also after the last couple hotfixes my controller has been working great except for being unable to use channeling but that because of where i had it bound and now i can't move it 🙂, never used it anyway.
  2. since this update i have been unable to use channeling as i re-bound it so i could use my guns after the last update now its bound with my map button on the controller and since its not rebind-able i am unable to use channeling just the map that is bound to the same key.
  3. yeah for me on the controller it won't let me fire my weapons 🙂 as the melee channel is bound there
  4. yes it means plenty, it means try looking at things with a bit more of an open mind, you might see things from a different point of view once and a while. and it discredits nothing as A. archwing was not added till later in the game so its mastery test comes a bit later in the progression and B. since there are a number of people at many mastery ranks that want nothing to do with archwing and have not bothered to learn any of it, its not all that impressive really. And as i have already said your still looking at them linearly, just because they are tests for your MR does not mean they need to get harder each time as they are just testing your knowledge of mechanics and basic game skills if they were really meant as a challenge you would not be allowed to practice them as you are now they would still be like they were, you could only try them once a day cold no practice.
  5. your assuming here that the tests should be linearly harder the higher the MR, but as they test different mechanics and game functions your reasoning may be flawed. As different tests will be harder or easier for different people or may be harder or easier simply based on the specific mechanic they contain, this is not uncommon in other games as well where a lower boss or level may be harder then a higher one simply due to a different mechanic or layout.
  6. [DE]Rebecca, Question: when will the controller issues that came out with the recent mainline update get fixed?
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