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  1. the alerts were just as annoying and were complained about on the forums just as much when they were around, "why are the alerts for the good stuff only on at 4am whahahaha" or "how come such and such never pops up on the alerts whawhawha" etc. these were all over the forums back when the alert system was running at least with NW you can choose what you want to spend your creds (aka tokens) which is what the community has been asking for for a long time and what is even better is it comes with some cool story and a side game, granted not everyone they do will be everyone's cup of tea but you c
  2. you are aware nightwave has not been in warframe for "YEARS" right?
  3. thats funny cause i didn't get it so i don't think they gave it to everyone
  4. except in warframe you have the option to get the same weapon for free where in a P2W game cash is the ONLY option to get the better weapon which i already said in my last post so no goalpost moving here since i am just repeating myself...
  5. i have never said DE can do no wrong, i think they do a lot of right but they do wrong too, and its the only P2W definition i have ever heard here or elsewhere you pay real cashy money for something be it a better weapon or some other direct boost that helps you win ( or is just flat out better then what you can get without money) usually they are more common in PVP rather then PVE but you can sometimes see them in PVE too in fact the resource boosters and such are kinda of a P2W in warframe they stop just short because they don't effect relics and such
  6. yeah its just can't think of much worse then cancer lol so can't imagine what you think of P2W then lol
  7. i disagree there because you will still get it were as with p2w you will never get it if you don't pay with pay to skip you will still get it just a day or 2 later big deal you still got it
  8. actually pay to skip is not cancer pay to win or pay to play are cancer IMO
  9. no i don't know its weird i just know it does scale never tried to do the math true i was just pointing out you were conjecturing people opinions while ignoring the conflicting opinions you were receiving in the thread most f2p game rely on characters slots unless you only ever want to play one maybe two characters which i am sure there are people like that i feel they are likely in the minority
  10. yes it does not do so proportionately but it does scale down check it tomorrow you would have to do a survey of a large portion of the player base to get numbers that actually mean anything, and they were giving you their views from when they were beginners if i understood them right. and as i already mentioned time gates are in many f2p as a money and content tool and character (warframe) slots are in every f2p i am have EVER played where it is an option to have it so its not just a warframe thing so get down off that soapbox
  11. lazyness lol yes they do know how to argue they are just tired of arguing this topic over and over and over, i am really surprised we don't have meme responses for it by now. probably because most of your post is conjecture and opinion also the price does scale with time it has for awhile now. you are conjecturing how much money DE makes from this it is YOUR opinion that this frustrates newer players when several people in here have said it outright does not bother them. i have seen time gates in plenty of other F2p games so i am not sure what your on about making the foundry look li
  12. ok you don't want the pasted answers, did you ever stop to think why there are pasted answers for this topic? because it has been discussed to DEATH. there are probably 300 topics (just a est. i have no idea how many have been made in 7 years) on this issue those wait times are there for more than just a plat sink they are also there as a timegate so people don't blow through content in hours and it is precisely the newer players that have bought plat that pay for those rush times either by buying the plat themselves and doing it or trading it to more long term players for things they want. bu
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