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  1. also after 20+ hours he should have been able to level to MR 2 and be able to trade or is it he is is not able to level higher so his number of trades per day is rather limited?
  2. in regards to your #2 have you tried pointing him to the training section in the codex as the advanced movement such as bullet jump and wall running etc. (which ARE covered in the tutorial BTW) are covered there and you can even replay that section of the tutorial there as well as other section of the tutorial i do believe at any time he wishes
  3. yeah i watched the whole day and did not get it, it has been a total screw up. not going to go out of my way to watch anymore streams for the drops as they can never seem to get the drop system working right especially the big ones like tennocon and such not worth it.
  4. yeah i watched the whole day of streams and never received either (and before any says anything yes the accounts are linked) even after their script i just don't think their twitch drops work when its on such a massive scale
  5. since this update i have been unable to use channeling as i re-bound it so i could use my guns after the last update now its bound with my map button on the controller and since its not rebind-able i am unable to use channeling just the map that is bound to the same key.
  6. yeah for me on the controller it won't let me fire my weapons 🙂 as the melee channel is bound there
  7. [DE]Rebecca, Question: when will the controller issues that came out with the recent mainline update get fixed?
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