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  1. No fix for the weird pixelated lighting effects? Such as these : https://mobile.twitter.com/Nerditude/status/1158833999218786304 and https://mobile.twitter.com/Nerditude/status/1140430672470822913 Been showing up since jovian concord
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/Nerditude/status/1158833999218786304 Posted the pics on Twitter. Looks completely bizarre, almost as if I had lazily pasted a square over the game. Gave me one hell of a scare, but no other game shows similar bugs
  3. I stopped using Sonicor due to this, it was giving me migraines.
  4. Just a heads up, but there seems to be some weird things going on with the bloom rendering. At certain angles and distances, some bloom effects get a black "splotch" in the middle. If I get closer, a red/yellow box covers the bloom layer, closer still and it becomes a black box. Can post pics later.
  5. Add another one (that began with plains remaster and progressively got worse with each update): black "splotches" on bloom effects, sometimes resulting in red/yellow/completely black boxes around where the bloom should be. Had to disable bloom
  6. Very nice improvementes, but: Still getting weird "blocky emissives" before properly loading textures. Mara Detron still missing emissives Still having weird black/blue particles amidst bright lights - happens only on warframe, can't get anything of the sort in any other game.
  7. So it's not just mine then. Where is my cloudy goodness, DE? Also, prisma tetra seems to randomly loose emissives when reloading
  8. Also happens with glaive prime, nyx pasithea, and prisma daedalus
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