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  1. The only endurance runs I do are only Arbitrations mainly, and sometimes Kuva Survival fissure missions. I will say we definitely need scaling rewards in this game. It would make long runs 1+ hour more worth doing. But I think the main reason people don't, is because of host migration issues. Though from reading all the replies, what blows my mind are the amount of people that say they fall asleep after only 30+ min of playing of boredom. Really? How the hell does that happen? lol. Perhaps you need to drink some caffeine or take and Adderall so you don't fall asleep mid mission lol. Persona
  2. Here are my favorite Warframe content creators. Tactical Potato OriginalWickedFun GAZ_TTV Relentless_Zen Ashisogi_Tenno (Cephalon Jizo) Quiet Shy
  3. You'll wish you did lol. It's one of the best shows in the last five years imo. It's a must see for any sci-fi fans.
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