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  1. Necramechs are crude and don't possess the Warframe spirit. Something tells me the orokin and all their might, research and glory would be beyond more than capable of creating a mechanized warframe with minimal or no infestation presence guiding it. Look at Loid for example, fully aware, sentient and in control, yet not infested. The warframe is a full scale version of what Loid is, speaking by comparison.
  2. For balance reasons all efforts would be focused on maintaining the shield up, for the added benefits within it and the increase in overcharge. Especially in cases when you're overwhelmed and need to pick up a downed ally. Upon shield elimination the blast-back knocking back enemies should suffice as you continue with the fight.
  3. A closer non-textured view of the details;
  4. Warframes are a unity of infestation and machine in perfect synergy. We have warframes leaning towards one side more than the other, such as Nidus being all infestation and no apparent mechanical components, but we have yet to see a fully mechanical unit - the opposite to Nidus. We have tech frames such as Vauban & Protea - relying fully on their gear & gadgets, but that is as far as we have strayed from the infestation playing a major role in our physicality. Gaetir, the Judicator Warframe designed to serve as a last measure against 'matters getting out of hand', the pinnacle
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