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  1. referring to the projectile impacting the enemy,not impact damage
  2. They really need to buff the secondary fire...primary still works well Primary fire has decent base damage with impact+aoe,totaling at 58,but secondary fire,prob the lowest base damage of all beam weapons in the game atm,at 12 Secondary fire also has low range and the way it fires makes it hard to land headshots too
  3. Fire rate builds + Arcane Pistoleer/Void Fissure buff is an interesting combination Though prob will only work at lower levels,but is fun
  4. Do like that 3 stage idea, can make way for some lore expansions
  5. Is a beast on Rakta Cernos 😉 EDIT: As for other bows,i only have the Paris Prime atm,is not as good there,but that may be just from the better handling from the Rakta Cernos...and is easier to keep the buff up with a higher rof too,you can use fire rate mods,but you save a mod slot if you use Rakta Cernos.
  6. Lich bounties can be interesting,maybe have the lich spawn at the final part of said bounties as well. As for railjack,not too sure how would thrall fighters make sense,but maybe we can do multiple boarding objectives with thralls on board. Same can be said for fissures,corrupted fighters don't make sense,on the boarding objectives maybe. But that means we prob need to have more than 2 ground objectives max,and maybe more crewships?
  7. How would you better connect the game? One of the things that the game drastically needs atm. Feel free to share your own ideas on how to do that. Gonna do the lich system for this post. I will make it possible to have stuff like void fissures in lich missions,to allow for forma/prime part farming at the same time as farming murmurs. With void fissures, there will be of course a level increase. To compensate for that,you will earn more murmurs per stab for said missions. I will also make it possible to do Syndicate+Kuva lich an Nightmare+Kuva lich,the former being similar to void fissures except you farm for medallions instead of prime parts/forma, the latter will have a higher level jump compared to syndicate/fissure, with a higher murmur multiplier as a result. If the game supports it, we might be able to even do kuva lich+fissure+syndicate+nightmare, wonder how things will go out if that is a thing. Of course the level increases will stack up, but that also means more murmurs as well.
  8. The primary fire is great for the most part, but the secondary fire def need to be buffed,namely base damage and range,maybe some more crit as well,so that fire mode can actually compete with stuff like the nukor.
  9. Well the heal is working from a test video i watched on youtube...so is prob a bug... Also with this weapon being able to heal, hema basically got power crept...as from the video the heal from the basmu is def more stronger than the hema...
  10. when i look at all these,most bugs largely happen due to lower end machines and internet connection. i myself have a decent laptop and internet and rarely come across bugs especially when i am the one hosting. However,when i am not hosting, i do get bugs,especially when i get high ping,or the host not having the best machine. Earth tileset and prob railjack missions is know for lagging lower end machines if i am not wrong. The thing is not everyone can afford a good internet connection or have even access to one,depending on where one lives.
  11. I will remove the 100/100 thing and base the bonus on how much muraxes are driven away during the 3h cycles with 1 murah being 1% bonus so 100 muraxes will still grant 100% bonus,meaning if you get 1000 points within that 3 hours,you will get an additional 2k as a bonus with that said,it is possible to go past 100 killed,meaning you can get more than 100% bonus in a 3h cycle. Example 125 driven away,125% bonus for 1k points earned will be 2250 bonus points.
  12. Doing it in a squad will speed up the part where you have to use the oplinks, since the progress fills faster when there are more of them May not be a major issue for people who are fine with playing in squads,but is unfair for solo players.
  13. Full squad,and there is a mesa in the team as well
  14. got around 2295 for all 17 in 38 minutes is not too bad,but is not good either Might have been faster if i have brought a sniper instead of the shedu...but idk what damage type is condrix weak to,as i have not finished scanning them yet.
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