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  1. Most likely computer generated...and prob with little restrictions on what is can generate too...so is possible to have all those funny names we all know and get a good laugh at them now.
  2. I do have ideas on some mirage touch ups,and made a post in fan creations not too long ago,but is prob long buried... Basically an overall buff and making her abilities more consistent too
  3. Passive Frost deals 10% more damage to enemies affected by the cold proc,and 25% more damage to enemies that are frozen solid Changes to all abilities Casting speed increased by 50% Freeze Damage increased to 500,area damage increased to 250 Now can be modded as a 'pseudo exalted weapon',uses secondary mods. Augment for the ability is fine in its current state. Ice Wave Augment fused into ability and reworked. Reworked augment Enemies affected by ice wave now take x2.5 more ice damage,affected by ability strength. Snow Globe Enemies within the globe now deal 75% less damage on top of the slow effect. Affected by ability strength,damage reduction caps at 95% Augment Enemies frozen with snow globe now explode into deadly ice shards on death,dealing 800 cold damage to enemies within 10m Damage is affected by ability strength,range is affected by ability range Can cause a chain reaction if detonation kills a enemy frozen by snow globe. Avalanche Base armor strip increased to 60% Armor strip now permanent Base range increased to 25m Base damage increased to 2000,explosion damage increased to 800 Augment Increased ice armor gained to 100 per enemy,when the ice armor is active,killing frozen enemies will grant 100 health to the ice armor. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  4. After the melee rework,well things have change a lot. Vote here: https://www.strawpoll.me/19065261/ Cleaving Whirlwind vs Tempo Royale vs Rending Crane My Pick is Cleaving Whirlwind, though is a bit weaker now,i really like how i can synergise the forward combo and the forward+block combo,being highly mobile an at the same time doing good damage to enemies that are in my way.
  5. Dera Vandal Amazing looking weapon,but is not so great being a status weapon,could use some buffs to base damage or/and crit stats Hema Insane grind and meh stats,def needs a substantial buff to make it worth that grind,even railjack grind is not as bad as this,come on DE...
  6. When i killed my first lich and got his weapon to level 40 too,did that as it is my first kuva weapon...
  7. 'https://www.twitch.tv/thegameawards/' This should be the link? (remove the quotations)
  8. My take on corpus is there are either gonna be amalgams, a highly advanced proxy or even a normal crewman going through an upgrade that makes them more machine than man...
  9. Don't think they are gonna unvault it....but they prob gonna make it obtainable in other ways.
  10. I am kinda guessing Q1 2021...given how PoE was out in Oct 2017,and was only have its grind reduced early this year...and liches were out Oct this year...
  11. What is the longest public endless run you have ever run into by chance? Mine is an arbitration infested defense, wave 62, we fought the the last man. I was running a mess at that time...the team has 2 mesas, 1 octavia and 1 trinity. Tbh was surprised when that happened, as most pubs will extract once they reach rotation c.
  12. 100% status is what is allowing shotguns to be powerful...taking the strun wraith for example,you can do a hybird setup with 100% status if you have a riven that allows it Here's mine...get my crits from arcane avenger....using tanky frames most of the time...so i am able to use that arcane...
  13. modding is another big part that is mostly not touched on for new players too...there should be something in game that teaches that...as most have to go to the wiki to do research....
  14. Thanks for clearing things up...was a bit worried that we may end up having 1h+ total completion times from an exterminate...lol Though what i have said may still hold true during the early days,but the pace should speed up once we get enough of the new resources...
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