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  1. Maybe we can have a kuva anasa? Some pineapples for edgelords.
  2. Can be a nice way to get more kuva...also more decorations to spam orbiter with...
  3. Lots of good frames being primed this year...which is nice...cant wait for inaros prime for me...
  4. Remember selling a crap ton of oberon parts and harrow chassis...and some other dupe BPs like gorgon... Got like enough credits to carry me through 2 RJ parts,as i was building the railjack at that time
  5. Main issue is trying to find a reasonable way for newer players to get rewards for past seasons, intermission ii tried this, but Is not a good way as many have prob said when it first came out. Adding it to the nw store or gotl alerts and some may complain that it is unfair for those who have gone through the grind when the season exclusives first came out... There must be another way for past season rewards to be obtainable without the issue of dupes or being unfair for those who have gone through the grind. Do agree with op there should be a form of xp system that you can
  6. Cracking relics,as a good amount of relics have forma blueprints in them,also the prime stuff you got from the relics can be traded for plat,and you can use the plat you traded to buy forma from the market.
  7. In that sense,only armor scaling needs to be looked at? as changing how armor works can risk messing up frame survivability. Unless they can find a way to do a different calculation for enemy armor. For damage,adding shield gating should help prevent 1 shot
  8. The highest base level a mission can get rn is prob level 5 lich missions,which is around 95-110...slightly above sortie 3 I can see why they don't want to go any higher with the liches...as anything above that can get rough
  9. Enemy damage def needs the same treatment just like armor and health...with shield gating,it should completely get rid of getting 1 shooted. But i cant really do a calculator for that if i don't have any info on what damage they do at their base level
  10. Hmm,that works too,but it depends on which is better in the sense of not being too hard to work on the frame/weapon damage balancing part. Also forget to put this. The getting 1 shotted issue can prob be fixed with a form of shield gating
  11. So enemy scaling is one of the biggest issues,if not the biggest issue of the game currently. Main cause is the fact that enemies scale infinitely...meaning eventually even the frame with the most EHP will get 1 shooted... Though i do know that frame and weapon damage also needs to be looked at...but which should come first is up for debate,best to have both come at the same time. The current formula of enemy scaling,lets say we take health for example=Current Health = Base Health × ( 1 + ( Current Level − Base Level )2 × 0.015 ) Taking a level 100 corrupted heavy gu
  12. Prob op is not happy about slide attack builds getting butchered by the rework or the increased falloff to the catchmoon, or both.
  13. I played fine just in pubs,was the lantern carrier,and have no issues,but i have enemy radar from primed AI...so it is easy for me to find and go to where the enemies are
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