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  1. No podes participar.
  2. Calm down, it was recently added to the game and it will be added to the builder soon. Just wait.
  3. They are not incorrect, by default the builder has a checkbox for crit. chance and crit. damage checked, uncheck to see the values without any crits.
  4. Electromagnetic Shielding Acid Shells Fomorian Accelerant Harkonar Scope Hunter's Bonesaw Nightwatch Napalm Rift Strike Vulcan Blitz Medi-Ray I think that's all of them.
  5. I disagree. If the fire rate remains at 10 when you switch to alt-fire in the builder, then the damage that is being displpayed is incorrect. Most people won't change the fire rate manually.
  6. Fire rate is reduced to half according to the wiki.
  7. Are you sure all mods and their ranks are the same? The only thing that would make a difference is that the build you linked has an Arcane Squall helmet and yours might not, but the difference would not be so big and that's why i ask.
  8. Stradavar was added to the game.
  9. Furax Wraith and Twin Kohmak were added to the game.
  10. Sibear was added to the game.
  11. Here you go, download link.
  12. Couldn't record sound for some reason, i don't suppose you need it but if you do let me know and i'll try to fix the problem.
  13. Dex Sybaris was added. It will deal 100% toxin damage over the time.
  14. We now have the stats for Azima. EDIT: Lesion has a unique feature whereby it gains 15% additional attack speed for 5 seconds, as well as 100% Toxin damage. It activates when it procs, like how Berserker activates every time the weapon deals a critical hit.
  15. They added the following to the game: Warframe Inaros Primary Mutalist Cernos Secondary Dual Toxocyst Melee Lesion