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  1. A bug locking combo counter until another melee attack is used. Combo does not decay, but is also not incrreased by things like relentless combination or Khora whipclaw. The combo affects things like Atlas punch as shown in the video linked as well as others like Khora whipclaw damage and does not start decaying from use of these. The mod volatile quick return is required for this, Volatile rebound not tested. The bug is activated by detonating the glaive with the heavy exsplosion after it hits an enemy from the regular throw. The mod Focus energy is used in the video to sh
  2. Would love to see a say twitch stream playing around with this while still in developments so that chat can give feedback live while testing it. Would be amazing to find things that might otherwise bother players, give some interesting ideas that might be implemented and would let us players feel like we're part of this and make it the best game that it can be! And please post the time this would be scheduled for in advance if this would happen
  3. Looks amazing, the explanation of “Hold throw” mechanics now apply in Equipped Melee mode! was not very clear but if its at the quality the rest looks to be I'm hyped!
  4. The feels when this gets more likes than the main post... It should be allowed for the sake of build diversity and not being forced into a very narrow selection of builds and setups to hunt eidolons without it feeling like it's just taking forever and get bored from tickling it with amp. It's also only the extra void damage. People are already doing the hunts in basically "time it takes to wait for the forced cutscenes" so why would balance even be an issue anyway...
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