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    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    Could you please keep Viral on Spores and Corrosive on Miasma (with the 50% stat chance scaling on power strength)? Viral is what sets Saryn apart from every other Warframe. It's her ability to spread it on a global scale that makes her so much needed in endurance runs. Viral is what makes her viable on every enemy type. The reasoning behind swapping Viral to Corrosive on Spores, I can never take as something acceptable. Why are you doing this? When there are niche Warframes and other ways made to do this? Mag, Oberon, 4x Corrosive Projection, Frost's Avalanche Augment, etc. Why are you removing the one way of effectively spreading Viral to the map? Corrosive, we can do that on a multitude of other ways more than applying Viral to a lot of enemies. Keep the Viral on Spores. Move the scaling Corrosive back to Miasma.