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  1. So we're having Nightmare Sorties now for 'new content'?
  2. For an obvious reason, hell it doesn't... its where your riven shines, to be bought by somebody's real-world money purchased plat right there...
  3. I really like to have that Pentagram/Ophanim Syandana concept spilled through anywhere near the game
  4. This brings the question why Cetus/Fortuna ever created for such inconvenience at all? I mean its just totally a genre or a (remote area) theme that doesn't much fit to have the same function as of an Orbiter or Relay in apparent state... odd yes I agree but consider the technological status differs between Cetus/Fortuna from Relay/Dojos/Orbiter(s)...
  5. No... or because its a non-Tenno Faction territory maybe? This is quite not far form suggesting/insisting the NPCs from Cetus/Fortuna be inserted on Relays while Bounty Mission be on Navigation grid next to Sorties, Fissures, Alerts, etc., eh?
  6. Would love to vacate here one day...
  7. What warframe would I put in room 101 and why? About Revenant, the name can stay but the over all appeal of it has to change.... What warframe ability would I put in room and why 101 Atlas' 1st skill... I feel that less appealing as well and would like for it to auto strike target instead of point aiming it when initiated... What would I like to bring back to warframe from room 101 and why? I like to experience that Dark Sector of Warframe since I only started this year so... What in real life would I put in room 101 and why? Trump... a lot of people complains a lot about him.
  8. IMO in SEMI mode ... To pair it with MODs like Amalgam Serration (or just Serration), Vital Sense, Heavy Caliber, Split Chamber, Point Strike, Stormbringer (that increases that innate Element of the weapon itself) + 2 any Elemental MODs (which varies upon enemy you may like to use it at mission), spikes at 100k+ - 200k+ (yellow/red) in an uncertain circumstance real hard before nerf period though... I just seldom see it spike at 100k+ now...
  9. its only dangerous when you get hungry or dehydrated... or your mom scolded you forgetting to feed the creatures in your aquarium 😝
  10. hmmm.... Where do you think that platinum (from anybody) to be traded with your 'riven' came from if not from real world money?
  11. Is Google translate giving me a hard time deciphering this if it is actually meant to read like that or simply just not at a right translation sentencing? oof
  12. Either 10p to 15p at common purpose... If it bothers you well give it for free 😆
  13. I think all frames are viable for those junctions before this thing came along... just takes a mid-end MOD build ---
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