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  1. PS5 deploy is having an issue. Working as fast as we can to resolve.
  2. Nightwave Arcane Helmet Clarification: Nora Night’s latest Cred Offerings include the Arcane Scorpion Helmet Blueprint, a long retired item since Hotfix 13.2.3. This item was actually meant to be a brand new Operator cosmetic, Operator Wolf Hood, but the backend data got a little switched around. The Arcane Scorpion Helmet Blueprint will run it’s store life span, at which time the new Operator Wolf Hood will take its intended place in future rotations. Nihil Boss Fight Rerun Are you prepared to face Nihil once again, Tenno? Nora Night’s Cred Offerings will provide both the Nihil
  3. Hello Tenno, I had to disable the forum calendar due to spam issues it was causing. I know some players were using this feature for scheduling, and I apologize for the inconvenience. I cannot guarantee we'll be able to enable it again, but I'll monitor for changes that might make it feasible to use again in the future. Thank you for your understanding!
  4. We made a few changes to the script to catch missing Noggles. Thanks for the reports!
  5. Sorry for the confusion. Because Nezha Prime will still be available after these scripts run, we include it in the following year so that we don't miss anybody who buys Prime Access later.
  6. Tenno, We are continuing the tradition of giving out Prime Warframe Noggles at the end of the year! For every Prime Warframe you purchased in 2020, either through Prime Access or Prime Vault, you will receive the corresponding Prime Noggles* to decorate your Orbiter! The Noggles could take a few days to arrive in your inbox, so please be patient while our script propagates on each platform. We’ll be monitoring for any missing Noggles. We purposefully chose to keep these Noggles as a separate gift for players who purchased a Prime Warframe and as such, we have no plans to include them
  7. Yes, if you change your IGN, your previous name will be immediately available for use on another account.
  8. Tenno, We have simplified the forum reactions to include only 'Like' (+1 Reputation). The previous reactions were essentially doing the same thing as a 'Like' by providing 1 Reputation. If you have a response that cannot be conveyed by an emoji, we encourage you to make a post explaining your opinion. Reactions are a good way to quickly show support, but posting your constructive thoughts is always appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Tenno, You can now use the “Clans” feature on the Warframe forums to find, recruit, and communicate with Clans! This feature will replace the existing Clan Recruitment subforums and give Clans a place to exist permanently on the forums, without the need for bumping or frequent reposting. In addition, the Clans feature allows you to fully communicate and coordinate with your clanmates on the forums. This feature is not currently linked with in-game clans, so you’ll need to encourage your clanmates to join via the Clans link on the forums, and you can send invites to their forum accounts.
  10. Welcome to the future of the Warframe Conclave! Welcome to the world of Player driven Dedicated Servers! As we mentioned in Devstream #81, we’ll soon be introducing Dedicated Servers to address one of the biggest complaints with the current Conclave setup: that of lag and shoddy connections. In an attempt to address these issues, we're enlisting you, our loyal and excited players - and your computers - to provide a solution. With the addition of volunteer Dedicated Servers we will be providing our PC players with the option to turn their computers into a server to host Conclave
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