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  1. Dev Appreciation: Updated 22/7/17

  2. Keystone Closed Alpha Announcement!

    We’re excited to announce Keystone, a new game from Digital Extremes! Keystone is a free-to-play, first person shooter that combines competitive team play with unique deck building mechanics. An internal team is developing Keystone, and we’re drawing on the experience of some of our Warframe developers to make sure that players will get the same level of communication and continuous improvements that they’ve come to expect from a Digital Extremes game. If you’d like to participate in the Closed Alpha, please sign up at: https://www.playkeystone.com Please do not contact any Warframe developers for further information. If you join the Closed Alpha, we have a Keystone team that would be happy to speak with you.
  3. I'll also be at TennoCon 2017. So I hope to see many of you again there!
  4. The Crewman is being sent out on special assignment! I’m leaving the Warframe limelight to work on something exciting behind the scenes. We’re not ready to share any details yet, but I’ll be back in the near future to let you know what we’ve got planned! So what does that mean for PS4@4 livestreams, The Second Stream podcast, and other community projects that I work on? Our team is fully dedicated to continuing, improving, and expanding on all of the initiatives we currently have running, and that will not change with my new position. I’ve been working closely with members of our team to ensure a smooth transition. If you’re not familiar with the full Community team, we have [DE]Rebecca, [DE]Megan (with summer help from [DE]Helen), [DE]Danielle, [DE]Taylor, and rejoining us full-time, [DE]Aidan. We also have [DE]Connor and [DE]Saske who work more specifically with community bug reports. Even though I will not be present in the Warframe community in an official capacity, this community will still be very important to me, along with all the friends and acquaintances I’ve made within it. I’ll be happy to still share in your experiences as a fellow Warframe player, and I look forward to all the great things to come for Warframe! So long, and thanks for all the fish Potatoes!
  5. Hotfix May 1st: Remove Lua Spy missions from Sortie rotation due to a bug with client loading times
  6. Kill ‘em with kindness in this special Conclave variant that mixes passion with precision! On now until Monday, May 1st @2pm ET! Reward: Eros Oro Ornament
  7. Hotfix April 26th: Fixed an issue with Operator attachments that was causing a flicker around the waist Fixed Anima front cloth clipping Fixed flickering issue on the Pyra Syandana Fixed extra platinum values when purchasing multiple items on sale Fixed incorrect item appearing on the Quaro market banner
  8. Hotfix April 24th: Fixed Chat box overlapping the Linked Items list. Chat box will not stay closed and not overlap.
  9. Hotfix April 21st: Changes: Renown Packs will now appear in the in-game Market! Fixes: Fixed proc icons for Sentients immunities or enemies debuffs appearing as random icons. Fixed excavation indicators being shown as random icons in some cases after changing controller bindings. Fixed cases where the survival cache icons in the HUD would display incorrect (as other icons or '*') after changing controller bindings. Fixed a bug that was causing “Appearance” and “Upgrade” options in the Arsenal to show the wrong buttons on new accounts.
  10. PSA: Tenno, We fixed an issue with the Ignis Wraith Research being available for unqualified clans. A script has been run and 543 Clans have had the unearned research removed. Sorry for any confusion!
  11. Hotfix April 20th: Preparing for future plans (secret, secret)
  12. HOTFIX April 18th: Fixes for broken controller bindings.
  13. We're looking into it.
  14. Actually.. Why, yes, there IS a new Trophy! NEW TROPHY: Octavia's Anthem (Gold) Complete Octavia's Anthem Quest Sorry for missing that in the notes!
  15. Not with the bundle. If you purchase Octavia and then do her quest, you'll get a Riven Mod as a bonus reward at the end along with the blueprint.