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  1. First off, it's baffling to me just how poorly both Plains of Eidolon and Vallis run for me. I've checked and double checked and I'm plenty above the requirements I've seen listed for this game. I don't know if those are minimum or recommended. But what's been happening is that I try to load in on bounties with my friends, and it takes me almost ten times longer to load these locations than they do - despite otherwise normal performance in other sections of the game. And then once I'm loaded in I'm hit with a tremendous FPS drop that makes the game all but unplayable for about three to four minutes. And if I do anything, absolutely anything within that period of time, I'm disconnected from the party and prevented from rejoining because "an objective has been completed." These dc's have occurred for any number of prompts ranging from equipping my Archwing and attempting to boost, down to just whipping my fishing spear out. I could understand if I just had a really poor PC and it couldn't run the game, but I don't; from every source I can track down, it's telling me that in regards to this game I don't. And if that were the cause, why would it cause DISCONNECTS rather than just poor framerate? Can anybody help? I don't have any clue why this is happening and it's actively harming my ability to play this game - I failed the Vallis fault-sealing event precisely because of this performance issue.
  2. Same. This is the only multiplayer game that causes me ANY issues, and it's by no means the most taxing one on paper. Vallis and Cetus are both just legitimately unplayable, it's absurd how poorly they run.
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