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  1. This love is like fire and ice. Opposites, but opposites attract. (Edit: This was a collab with some friends of mine, their IGN's being -LG-ZizzardWombi and DLGthebest both of which, have agreed that I could post this)
  2. With the new lich changes downloaded I rushed towards iron wake to banish my old lich(, I had not read the notes on the update before going to iron wake, I know stupid) when I arrived I had a weird map. Instead of just iron wake there appeared to be another map on top of iron wake not accesible via normal means. I over the years have gotten handy at visiting parts of the map one shouldnt be able to acces. I figured I could probably find a clip in Iron Wake and I did. After that, all that was left to do was Climbing that long tree normally in the background and also getting to what I now call the phantom part of the map. Though it was displayed on the map it did not actually exist. I have pictures and knowing how the map layout works I know I actually fell trough that part. (blue outlines of a room means below you, white is your level and yellow is above you.) I have proof as I usually take pictures from all the crazy stuff I do. Maybe have a look at this DE, I don't care if you don't. It was fun exploring anyways but just as a heads up. Also, as to how I managed to do this as well as a big other number of clips I found, well some things are best left unsaid. (edit: so don't bother to ask if I know how to clip at this place or other places unless a staff member truly would want to know my ways of travel, I will tell it to a staff member when I get asked so.) Enjoy the pictures The first one is about 200 metres above ground level btw, I used marking to determine that.
  3. So every SO or ESO mission you start Always starts with the player(s) entering this portal into the first zone. For some reason when I joined a mission the countdown of the first zone had already started, however, I and the rest of the squad were outside the first zone in the spawning zone and all of us were incapable of entering the portal to zone one, a softlock that lasted till the first zone was done and the portal to the first zone closed. I don't really know how to explain it, luckily someone in my twitch chat clipped it. See for yourself.
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