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  1. Let me show my Easter Orokin Rabbit Usagi I'll correct this drawing. https://photos.app.goo.gl/L13DmBBZn2rKprmq9
  2. Submitting a virtual egg, This Corpus egg made by operator Alda for AV. Note: This is a groundwork for a 3D model. Therefore, it was made using templates.
  3. Thank you so much for fix, DE! I have one request: please fix the lack of compensation for the Emissar suit. I need a Night Nora credits to buy Wolf S6 hoody (i have 15 Night credits only).
  4. A spring modest picnic. Excalibur Ove, Mesa Liv, Kubrow Aurumy (pet of Excalibur).
  5. My vision... The Equinox Spring festival is associated with the departure of the winter cold and the meeting of spring. On this day, people treat each other with sweets, fruits, and give flowers. Cetus is located in the Mediterranean region, so in March it is already green and warm. In my drawing of Excalibur Ove gives his friend Misa Liv three Rho flowers. His kubrow Aurumy holds a basket of fruit in her mouth and makes sure that no one interrupts the modest picnic.
  6. Submitting to the Virtual Valentines category! I decided to use the Corpus colors. I'm not sure that the colors of Love are limited only to the pink palette. I hope that you will like my vision of a Heart pendant in the form of a ะกredit. Changed: I reloaded my Valentine's postcard because I made some small changes. Glory to Corpus!
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