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  1. You need to contact with support if you think it's not your fault. Only them could return it you. Otherwise I would suggest checking Simaris offerings. Probably there are Zoris blueprint and parts for 100k and 15k reputation each part respectively.
  2. @Blighthero1 Have you completed the third phase of Profit-Taker Orb Heist, as it said on wiki? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Archgun_Deployer
  3. У тебя есть непрокачанный предазит? Это бага, его непрокачанность мешает поляризовать вульпафилу. Скриншоты с твоего рабочего стола никто не видит, их нужно заливать на сайт хостинг изображений, и с него кидать в сообщение. И если пользуешься общим, а не русским подфорумом, пиши чисто на английском, или пиши сообщение в русский подфорум, там всегда есть кто-нибудь.
  4. parabashka

    Trade bug

    Yes, you can trade only blueprint, not crafted version.
  5. Do you have another primary weapon beside Boltor? If not, game won't alllow you to destroy your only primary weapon. So to craft Boltace you first need to craft or buy another primary weapon otherwise you won't be able to craft Boltace.
  6. You need to be closer to each other. This bug actually should say that you both are too far away from each other to trade. Try to get closer and trade will work.
  7. If it Deimos, it happens sometimes.
  8. First off, you need to equip riven into your current weapon. Second, you need to meet all requirements, so you need to equip Hobbled dragon key. And third, you need to scan Simaris target without using skills or traps.
  9. I've got Rattlguts from Shotgun Riven. Sad.
  10. Why I've got Rattlguts Riven from Shotgun Riven?
  11. Actually DE somehow broke this again, because I again have only 299 kills with Catchmoon, but 80.5k kills with Tombfinger which is totally fine with me.
  12. I meant more than 100 metres. If it also doesn't work, you could try to contact support and create ticket.
  13. Have you tried distance over 100 metres? Because it was always like this, but somehow it became 75 metres nowadays.
  14. I was playing Hades on Kuva Siphon mission, when I realised that I don't need to down Ambulas before hacking it, because I could do it without killing it. How do you like it?
  15. It was last mission on planet with lich?
  16. @yejihuan Re-enter the game.
  17. I don't know how to describe this, but these bugs still in game as for 30.6.1. I played five missions in a row in Orb Vallis, all five of them included Coildrive defense and jailers. Everything was fine in first and second attempt, but third time jailers decided not to drop keys, so I lost my bonus in third attempt. Strangely enough, on fourth time they again started dropping keys, so in fourth time I completed missions successfully with bonus. But in fifth attempt they again stopped dropping keys and I lost bonus, and after that Coildrive mine doesn't appeared and I couldn't even finish all five missions in fifth set of missions.
  18. Прошу пересмотреть перевод фраз "Обнаружен неопознанный пилотируемый корабль" и "Атакуем немедленно" В оригинале, насколько я помню, звучит что-то типа "Обнаружен unassigned (свободный) корабль" и "Немедленно отправить его (в бой)".
  19. Kill it with Fire is now working after Sisters of Parvos update. P.S. It took them almost a year to fix all three achievements.
  20. Warframe... warframe never changes.
  21. Нет, не вернут. Когда вводили гельминта, специально уменьшили в два раза цену на запчасти фреймов, так что радуйся, что не в два раза больше приходится платить.
  22. 1) Вместо "в дребезги" должно быть "вдребезги" 2) Вместо "услышить" должно быть "услышишь" 3) Пропущена запятая после "родня" и после "такому" 4) Должно быть "где бы они ни была" 5) Пропущена запятая после "здорово" 6) Вместо "предполагалась" должно быть "предполагалось", но я бы всю фразу изменил, к примеру: "но.. ведь она должна была быть противостоять варфреймам..." 7) Ошибка в описании мода "диверсифицированное отрицание": вместо "в течении" должно быть "в течение" 8) Вместо "становиться" должно быть "становится" 9) Пропущена запятая после "выдох"
  23. Nobody in my clan (or alliance, as far as I know) able to build in dojo. Our founder is banned, second-in-rank was de-promoted to third-in-rank without ability to build. Nobody in our clan is able to get Yareli without buying it. Could you please reconsider your decision and change method of getting Yareli? P.S. I'm only posting here becuse Warframe Support asked me to do this.
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