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  1. Same old, same old... Two players leaving and I rushed to extraction but did not make it in time. Host migration unsuccessful. One person remained behind, so when my orbiter loaded I closed the application with the hope that I would receive the prompt to reconnect to squad on logging back in. Got the prompt, unsuccessful reload but that left behind player joined me in orbit. Then, promptly left. We lost eight completed digs, an unknown amount of cryotic, at least one endo reward (2k?), an ayatan orda statue, aura forma BP and other rewards I cannot remember aside from Vitus. If it is my internet you can't fix that, but you could put a check in the game so players don't continue to waste time on missions. This is, by far, the most frustrating part in this game.
  2. Typically when I spot check gaming forums, I look for a bug report section. Yes, I see there's one here. What I don't see is a "sticky" or a nuanced post from DE addressing what information is needed or if there's another/official way to report software issues. Are the bug reporting sections all there are? I assume so because these are official forms and there's no other indication of one existing but it's just an area with no structure, transparency or feedback. Bug reports are not directly addressed in Developer Streams (I get it, new content, viewership, hype, etc.) so everything indicates to me that the bug report forum is another black hole of the internet where unvetted reported information sits and festers. Is there a better way that currently exists? I've put little effort into this post, but I have screenshots and video clips to submit; but not before knowing they'll, at the very least, been seen and considered through an appropriate channel via DE.
  3. Thank you for issuing this statement and the resolution. As a new player to WF & DE, this is great support and community engagement! Should those with open tickets close them out to take some pressure off your zendesk; or wait until after the script/delivery?
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