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  1. You got it mate. A relic cracked every 2 minutes instead of 5.
  2. Now that the multiple relic popping void storm dream has been one shot I’ve been thinking of alternatives... Pretty simple; it’s a plain old (aka classic) exterminate mission that refreshes. You can burn through it and when you’ve killed the required enemies Lotus announces that the enemy has reinforced.. you can extract or go again. Would save you having to reload and re-enter exterminate fissure missions (which can take longer than the mission itself) and would give us a way to start digging into our relic inventory.
  3. I agree with your statement and the wise words (in a vacuum) but they aren’t relevant IMO to this thread; Series X owners aren’t asking where Warframe 2 is. We simply want to know when we will enjoy the next gen console build our PS5 counterparts have enjoyed since November last year.
  4. I spat the dummy over the changes to arcanes; no double stacking, addition of cool downs etc. Having to farm/purchase the additional arcanes to max rank was pretty annoying too.
  5. For me personally, just a small comment/acknowledgement that they are working on it and a (rough) timeframe would suffice. It’s the radio silence that is annoying... having said that the DE/Sony conspiracy theory is entertaining.
  6. Maybe but if Sony paid for it to be an exclusive or whatever wouldn’t they be promoting it?
  7. Echoing other comments I’ve made on similar posts; it’s the lack of information that is frustrating. The ‘coming soon’ from late November has unequipped primed soon and equiped umbra soon.
  8. Another month passed and no Series X build... worse still no news at all on when it’s coming or if it’s even still a thing. I’d suggest all X or S owners post to this thread so we can try and get some love from a helpful dev.
  9. Just left the clan I joined at MR newborn after deciding I wanted to build my own dojo.. I’m MR 30 and approx 2k hours in.. I can see now why I joined a clan rather than building my own. If you thought decorating your orbiter was painful, wait until you get a load of the dojo construction system. Some early highlights for me: *12 hours to build the smallest of hallways and 2 hours to destroy it after you put it in the wrong place (you can rush the build but not the destruction for some reason). * There is no way to map or plan out what you want to do unless you use an external app or si
  10. I got a series x and a PS5... now just waiting on the lucky and rich part lol.
  11. I found an interview with Sheldon from December last year where he said ‘Right now our next big focus is going to be the Series X version of Warframe’ so read into that what you will. Other than the above, I haven’t found any other comment from DE outside of the initial post re next gen on consoles.
  12. Any news/update on when we can expect a series X build?
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